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Haven't been on here for a while have been too frightened to post since finding out I as pregnant for the 3rd after 2 previous miscarriages.

Really looking for some advice, I have been to visit the EPU today after I had some brown discharge over the weekend. I was scanned which revealed only a sac measuring 5 weeks (should be 6-7) and something in my right tube. They suspect an eptopic pregnancy so had my bloods taken this afternoon with a further set in 48 hours to confirm the eptopic.

I have just received a call from the hospital who have cancelled my 2nd blood test as my hcg level is over 8000 and is unlikely to double inn 48 hours being so high already. A consultant also looked at my scan this afternoon and would like me to return in a week for another.

My head is spinning at the mo I just don't know what to it possible this could be a viable pregnancy after all, does anyone have any similar experience or advice. I have tried google but it's a mind field :\(

Many thanks x


  • hi
    sounds like it could be viable,as they dont want to see you for a week,as im sure you are aware,ectopics are very serious indeed so they would see you sooner than a week,if you need reassurance can you ring the epu?
    wishing you luck xx
  • Hi hun

    Im not really sure, I too would've thought that they would have you back sooner than a week as they can be very dangerous. I have been scanned this week & they suspected ectopic but are unable to diagnose as they cant see my tube, I went on Mon & was told they will call me to go back in on either tues or weds, so that would be today!!

    I would say if in that time you have any pain or dont feel right get straight back on the phone to them or to the A&E dept (dont want to worry you) obviously we all wish you the very best that it's viable & you have a very healthy happy pg xxxx
  • I posted in pregancy, please please read it. I have just had an ectopic. It is completely unacceptable for you to be left a week with a suspected ectopic. It is against the protocol on this. If they can see something in your tube they MUST do immediate investigations to find out what it is especially as your hcg is 8000.

    My epu kept me in overnight 4th night after medical management as i felt a bit dizzy. I'm really not trying to scare you but you should be in hospital until they know what the situation is - just in case.

    I would go in to your epu asap and not leave until they do anything and say you have documented their treatement of you and if this is an untreated ectopic you will sue their asses off. I know that is not your concern noe, it's your health and the health of your baby that you are worried about. But a bit of legal talk tend to make them react.

    If they don't listen you compalin to the highest peron up the ladder.

    I found the ectopic trust very helpful and i'm sure they could help you too.

    As I say, i'm not trying to frighten you but absolutely no risks can be taken with suspected with ectopic and fro my experience, they are taking risks with your health. Please contact me if you need anymore info. huge hugs x x x
  • Thank you all so much for your reply's.

    I have spoken to the EPU again and they have told me as my HCG levels are what they would expect them to be at 5-6 weeks and that it would be very difficult to see anything in pregnancy sac as yet the consultant felt that best way forward to be to wait and see and rescan in a week. Apparently the thing in my tube could be a cyst but could also be the baby.

    On the advice of Mafia Princess I have also contacted the Ectopic Trust who have been brilliant and have assured me that this is good practice. So am afraid it just a waiting game now it feels like a life time and forever and back. Mafia Princess I am so sorry to hear you have recently gone through the same experience nothing can ever prepare you for the loss of a baby and I know how hard this next couple of weeks and months will be.

    laujai I hope you have heard positive news from hospital my prayers will be with you....

  • I am so glad you contacted them and I'm sorry if I terrified you! It's just my experience that so many dr's have so many approaches that you don't know what's right and wrong.

    The ectopic trust are fantastic and what they said must be hugely reassuring. I didn't have a sac in my womb, it was totally empty so yours sounds good. Is it possible for bubba to escape from sac?

    I know how you feel about the waiting, 2 weeks felt like 6 months but you have so many positives and I am keeping everything crossed for you.

    Again, I'm sorry if I caused you more worry, it's still all a bit raw for me x x x
  • I hope everything goes well for you sweetie. I had an ectopic last year. I had spotting and they scanned me and saw nothing, asking me to go back in 2 days for more bloods. Unfortunately I didn't get that far as the pain started the next day. I was in hospital for about four days while they did blood tests every day (levels were rising but not by enough- and were never as high as yours). I was scanned again when they saw something in my tube, and an hour later I was in theatre. I think my HCG levels at this time were just over 500 and I was about 7 weeks PG.

    From what you have said it sounds like they are pretty hopeful this is not ectopic, and my fingers are crossed for you xxx
  • Many thanks for all your reply's. The visit to EPU yesterday didn't go so well and I am still left in limbo. It would appear the thing in my right tube was a cyst and has now disappeared. However there is still no baby in the sac and the sac is also surrounded by blood and I have been told this is probably a failing pregnancy. I hoped that I would be able to be booked in for an ERPC this week but this can not be preformed legally yet as the sac measures less than 20mm. Apparently I may start to naturally miscarry in next couple of days but for some people it may take weeks. So I am back next wednesday for yet another scan and hopefully I will be booked in onThursday for the ERPC. It seems so cruel to have to make me wait this long although they did want to wait 10-14 days however my birthday is next weekend and the thought of no closure before that was killing me.
    I am to be referred to the reacurrent miscarriages clinic in next couple of weeks for genetic tests, not sure if anyone has any experience of these?
  • so sorry to hear this hun. Laujai has just started having recurrent MC investigation, so she may be able to tell you what's involved.
    Take care of yourself.
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