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Ive been dreading this day!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, its been a while since I was last here but I really need some support & you have always been good at giving that.

I had a m/c in December but today is the day my baby would have been due & it still hurts soooooo much.
My OH never really wanted the baby & was trying to get me to terminate, which I was never going to do, so there was soooo much stress surrounding the pregnancy & as a result he is sitting in the pub 2day whilst I am at home with our 2 and a half yr old daughter and all I keep doing is crying.

I really thought that as time went by it would get easier & some days it seems it is but I just want my baby back.

My OH doesnt want us to try for another baby as we are both out of work at the mo but I really want to try again, I feel pregnant again by accident not long after the m/c but sadly that was not ment to be either.

I know I can carry babies as I already have a daughter, I just dont know where I am going wrong image

Kirsty xx


  • Oh hunny I'm sorry........I think time is a great healer but there will be significant dates and times in the year thats going to be harder than others and bring everything flooding back.
    Have a cry as that will make you feel better (well normally does for me) - maybe you could do something as a way of remembrance? Have a special place you could go and think and maybe even leave a flower?

    Have you spoken to your OH about why he doesn't want children? Is it just the being out of work or is it more than that?

    Hope you're OK xxx
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