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mmc in july but what i went through is it normal

back in july i had mmc i was 3 months had a scan at 7 weeks and there was healthy little heart beat. when i had my mc i lost massive blood clots half size of a placenta is this normal was in so much pain lost nearly 2 litres of blood at to stay in hospital they was rubbish and told me nothing had lot injections. but when i had scan two days after baby was still present at no heart beat cervix closed so at to have d&c so what was all the clots?


  • Crystal- this is what happened to me I was told (after lots of questions) the clots can be just a build up of blod- or part of the sac closing - it can take up to 6 weeks for the baby to come out- part of my reason for wanting the evacuation -i didn't think i could cope with the level of blood loss and pain for six weeks- but i think everybody's experience is different
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