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How long did it take for your symptoms to disappear :(


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  • Mine are still here going strong and its horrid, its like my body hasnt reailsed ive mc'ed yet...nausea, sore boobs and peeing still....why does the body have to be so cruel :cry:
  • oh, woomummy i am soooo sorry for you. Sadly i had a mmc, so for 3 weeks (before scan) and 2 weeks (whilst waiting to mc naturally) i had symptoms, only symptom which went was sore boobs disappeared 2 days after baby had died. After erpc symptoms went, apart from the emotional side.
    Take care, I am here if you need to talk love chocolate cake xx
  • hey

    my symptoms have disappeared now after erpc yesterday - no sore breasts and not as tired/light headed etc.

    hope your symptoms go soon hun, i'm sure they will.

    big hug xxx
  • Im really starting to worry, my boobs are getting sorer and the nausea is getting more bleeding has slowed down just on and off and very so worried something has been left behind, im not sure i could go through an erpc after having suffered a natural mc, i dont know what to do, ive got to go to the epu for more bloods on tuesday to check my levels are at 0 and it feels so long away image
  • Hi woomummy. I had a miscarriage on 01/05/08. I had started to get pains 3 weeks before but had started spotting on the 29/04. after the miscarriage, spotting and bleeding lasted for 3 weeks. I had abdominal cramps, back pain, leg cramps with numbness and tingling (that started during the pregnancy). after the bleeding stopped, my body seems to have started to get back on track. my boobs also got really sore for about 5 days/1 week - but this has now gone. I did a preg test today to make sure no hgc hormones and it came back negative. Hopefully i will get my period soon and my fiance and i can start trying again. i am sure your body will right itself soon so you can get back to it as well. Good luck, BEX XX
  • hiyajust a quik reply just to let u no it tuk my body 2-3 weeks 4 my syptoms 2 go away xx
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