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just an off day need to get it out!

not been on here for a few weeks now, had a MMC on 14th March and D+C on the 18th March i was 10 week, just waiting for my AF now!!
I just seem to be having a bad day today, i was just sat at work and all of a sudden all these thoughts came back to me, i have been handlin things really well( maybe a little to well ). i just was thinking i should be 15 weeks pregnant now, have a slight baby bump, be over the tieredness and sickness and be getting ready to start feeling the first flutters of my new little bean! :cry:
( i am having a little cry now ) i feel a little silly now,because even thought i know that it's not been that long since my MMC, but i really thought i was doing well, i am silly got lots of PMA, on TTC again, its just been today and all the things that should be!!!!
Oh ( wanting this may annoy you) my friend who is due the same time i wold have been has been complaining for not being able to drink and moaning about her pregnancy, just me or how much does that f**king piss you off i loss my darling angel and she is complaining, if you dont want the sacrifices dont get pregnant it just hurts me so much what about all us on here who have lost apart of our souls!! it annoys me so much:x
well sorry about my crying my ranting and overall mixed emotions their is only you ladies who truley understand so thankyou!!!!!!!!!:cry:


  • Hi Sam, if you can't rant and cry to us who can you do it to?!

    I've done it myself. I sit and think about a bump or how far along I would have been. I don't know how far along I'd be, and don't want to remember. I have a girl at work who was a wek behind me, she has a huge baby bump. I always feel sorry for myself when I work with her.

    It's good to get it out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. xx
  • Hi, I should be 15 weeks tomorrow (mmc at our 12 wk scan on 6th April) and out of nowhere I felt quite down and tearful last night. Mithical is right - you have come to the right place!!!

    Hope you feel better tomorrow.
  • Hi sambooxx

    Sorry you've been having a bad time. I felt exactly like that last week and I'm sure all the girls on here feel like that at times. It pisses me off too when you hear girls complaining about wanting or drink or you see them on the streets smoking!!! I'm angry just thinking about it now when the likes of us would sacrifice anything just to have our baby(s) back. Selfish cows.

    Anyway, we're always here for you Darling and I hope the you feel a bit better tomorrow, x
  • hi
    Just wanted to say you're not alone, we all start thinking abut what could have been and sometimes it just gets you when your're not expecting it, I'm sure you're doing ok but we all need to cry sometimes

    Sure your'e friend doesn;t even realise what she is saying - she probably thinks you're coping well which sounds like you are but are only human so give yourself a break too!

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