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  • I am so sorry you are going through this. The fact that you drank and smoked during the first few weeks has nothing to do with why this has all happened to you. Many women dont know that they are pregnant and smoke and drink and have healthy pregnancies. The reason yours ended is because it simply was not meant to be. Grieve for what you have lost but please dont blame yourself - thinking of you lots - sarah x x x
  • hi please dont blame yourself x i know how you feel tho as ive had 2 mmc the first time i didnt know i was preg and i smoked and drank and felt awful after then i got preg again and to be honest was convinced it would happen again and i carried on smoking even tho i know shouldnt have but i couldnt let myself believe it was happening she is now a 5 year old with attitude lol i stopped smoking with my 3rd preg and she is now a 2 year old and despite not smoking with her she has a bad chest also were both born same wieght my 4th preg ended with another mmc and id quit once i found out i was preg so i guess what im trying to say is that there no ryme or reason to it my sil dramk and partied her way through preg as she didnt know she was preg tll she went into labour so you see what ever you did or didnt do i believe your mc would of happened any way because lifes a bitch. take your time to grieve and cry scream and throw stuff if you need to and when the time right you will have your baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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