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I feel so alone

My DH has been quite angry since i mc'd a few days ago. ( also had a mc in december). I have spoken with friends who have also had mc in the past but it still all seems so raw and painful.
I bled on sunday but it stopped and had some pink spotting last night but have not had a heavy bleed which sorry if tmi but i would expect with a mc. Is this normal?
I keep seeing babies and pg ladies and it hurts so much i feel like i'm gonna die. I didn't feel like this after mc in december,but it seems much worse this time round.
Filo x


  • hey filo
    sorry to hear you're feeling so bad
    every mc hurts and as its your second its bound to hurt even more.
    ive just had my 1st af since mmc in feb. its so hard trying to carry on as normal especialy as everywhere you go theres a baby or pregnant person.
    jus try to stay positive and maybe bext month wil b our lucky month.
    hope you feel more positive soon
    take care
  • Hi Filobabe, i haven't been on this site for a long time and thought i would reply to your post as i know how you are feeling - i found out i had a missed m/c a couple of weeks ago unfortunately this was my 3rd mc, this one seems to have hit me harder - 3 ladies i work with are pregnant and since ive been back to work i have avoided them as its too upsetting to see them, I dont feel like socialising at all, im feeling like no one understands how i feel and keep hearing people saying it wasn't meant to be which is starting to get annoying - however the last few days i have actually started to feel a bit more positive and i know its a cliche but time really is a healer each week that goes you will feel better i promise, before you know it when you are ready you will start trying again!

    n XX
  • Hi Filobabe,
    sorry to hear your sad news.
    To answer your tmi question with a tmi answer, i didn't bleed much at first (early mmc) but later the floodgates opened and I needed to see doc to get something to slow it down.
    Pregnant women can be a pain but you can be sure that when you and I get pregnant we will be walking around just as proudly. Lets just hope its soon. Your DH is grieving too - men tend to be angry when we want to be weepy. Take Care
  • Hi Filo how are you? Have you had your scan yet? I have mine tomorrow and know its bad news. A girl at work is 4 months pregnant and I know its going to kill me when I go back after the hols.
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