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hi.. my mum had a miscarriage ..her baby would have been one in jan..shes 37 has five children(including me) she is sooo desprate to have another but her husband is against it.. im finding it really hard as im always there when shes down and she lets me know how she feels..she is so cut up over losing the baby...and i can toally understand how she feels..i really feel for her..i can never see her geting over this..and its makeing me feel that i can not have any more children due to her feelings..(i have a little girl who is 2) she wants to try for another baby so badly but her husband just keeps saying he doesnt want to..and nothing more to it.. i dnt know what to do...i just feel so sorry for her..and guilty when i think of having another baby image x


  • Sweetie, miscarriage is a very sad experience, and all you can offer to your mom is support. But there is nothing more you can do, the decision of having a baby or not is solely between her and her husband and you cant influence that and you cant let that influence you.
    As a mother i am sure all she wishes for you is happiness, and i seriously doubt that you having another baby will upset her.
    On the contrary, many grandmas say that they love their grandshildren more than their own children.

    So go on with your life and i am sure she will be happy for you.
  • Hi hun, my sister in law had a still birth 3 years ago next week and she was 36, he eldest is now almost 20, she is coming 39 this year and she has had another baby in June and is pregnant again. I know its not the same but my nephew feels like he cant have kids because his mum is still having them and he feels very awkward about having a brother or sister the same age as his kids. anyway he has decided to put off having kids till his mum has finished her family, she has 8 childern and i guess what im trying to say is you cant put your life on hold and im sure you mum wouldnt want you to. Im sure she would be delighted about another grandchild and it might even help with her not being allowed to have anymore. I understand were her husband is coming from and it is their choice and it does take two to have a baby.
    I hope you dont put your life on hold like my nephew is doing because im sure he will regret it later. xxxx
  • thnak-you for your replys... it means a lot image x
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