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a lot of clots

I had my d&c on 16th feb and i think everything went ok. Had a bit of light bleeding after the op, brown blood sunday and brown blood monday.

Iv been getting quite a few cramps and sharp pains in my lower abdomen and some dull achey pains in my pubic bone and today iv had quite a bit of red blood. Its not as much as a period but has been accompanyed with alot of cramping making me feel incredibly low.

I was just sitting down and went to move slightly and i felt my sanitry towel fill up so i went to the toilet and there was quite a large lump of blood. I changed my towel and as i was doing this about 7-8 more clumps came out which has scared me quite a bit.

Im not sure if anymore clumps are coming out as im trying not to move as much. The cramping seems to have calmed down a bit i hope.

I was wandering if any of this is meant to happen coz im getting quite worried. This is my second miscarriage and so is my second d&c and the last one i only bled brown blood and didnt have any cramping at all.

could i be feeling worse as it is my second and the tissue inside me is more tender???

Any answers would be grately appreciated


  • Hi Lianne, it must be worrying but I think everyone has a different experience and it is prob where a bit of tissue was left and it's come away. Hopefully you will feel better but if it gets worse do get medical advice (phone ward and nurses will tell you whether you need to worry).
    So sorry to hear this has happened to you - I had a mc in Oct so understand how awful it is. xx
  • Hi Lianne, I would ring the ward for peace of mind. I had missed miscarriage couple of weeks ago and had to have tablets. I had a lot of clots, quite big ones too. The nurses told me to keep walking around. Sitting down will only mean your clots will take longer to come out. The nurses told me to walk round as things should be coming out and not staying in! Its not pleasant to see and its scary so like I said I would ring the ward for peace of mind. Take care xxx
  • thanks for the advice everyone. well as soon as i finished writing my post i went to my mum and dads house and my mum rang someone on the emergency gynae ward and they said i could come in straight away to see the doctor and have some tests done so i did.

    I had my blood pressure and temperature taken, i had some blood taken aswel. I had some swabs done and an internal examination where a clot came out and the doctor looked at it. I think it was all blood and no tissue.

    The doctor said i could stay in over night or go home but i chose to go home. Iv been booked in for a scan on thursday and iv also been given a course of antibiotics.

    The doctor said it could be one of two things, either an infection or there has been some bits left behind.

    Ill let you know what happens on thursday.
  • Had my scan today and the doctor said i have a 2cm blood clot at the entrance of my uterus.

    She said that i wont have to have another d&c which is good as i really really dont want another one as it would have been my third d&c in 11 months which i dont think is good for the body.

    The doctor said that it should come out naturally and will probably break up and come out in small clumps again. Im still bleeding so thats good aswel and im taking antibiotics to prevent any infection.

    Im going back for a scan on the 3rd of march so hopefully all will be well and the clot will come out by itself!
  • sorry to hear about your problems. When it happened to me I had the usual 'never mind dear, you are young enough to try again' speech several times by supposedly well-meaning people. All I can say is please take it easy, your body needs plenty of rest to recover.

    I was apparently scanned in theatre to ensure nothing was left behind at the timeof my d&c. The gyny team are there to help so whenever you are unsure or as I was pretty frightened, they were friendly anad very supportive.
  • hi there, i found out on 3rd feb 2008 at my 9wk scan that there was no heartbeat, i am diabetic and insulin dependant since my last child was born and wondered if that had anything to do with my missed miscarriage, i was devastated, and the consultant advised me to take conservative route as would be better for my situation, i tried this for 4 wks and bled very heavily but nothing passed, its now 11th march and have been to see consultant today and was given the tablet and have to go into hosp thurs for last bit of medical management, they are still reluctant to give me surgery as could complicate things for me, and they say the sac is now smaller(shrunk)and would be difficult to make sure they get it all, but that the tablet and pessary may not work either(my head is all over place) lots of clots and heavy bleeding for past 34 wks and still waitin, hoping and praying that something happens soon so i can grieve properly and try to get back to normal life

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