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I'm back :\(

Hi All,

Some of you I know from my pervious stay and some of you, I'm sad to see, have recently joined.

I had the ERPC yesterday afternoon after seeing that our bean hadn't grown in the last week (they think it stopped growing at 5 wks). I'm now sat at home vegging out! I'm gutted to be here, but glad the limbo of the last week is now over.

I'm sure I'm going to have lots of questions for you all over the coming days, my last loss was treated as ep so I feel like a newbie all over again ;\)

Look forward to chatting.

Sam x


  • Hi Sam,
    I am so sorry to see you have had to join us again! Life can be so cruel sometimes. I am sorry you have lost your bean. I have had 2 erpcs so if you have any queries I would be glad to help.
    I hope you can start to recover physically and emotionally now. Take care and sending you gentle hugs.
    Lilou xx
  • Hi Sam

    So sorry to see you back again :cry: Was really hoping you'd get some good news yesterday.

    Sending you lots of ((((((((hugs))))))))

    We're always here to listen anytime you need.

    Thinking of you.

    Love NN xxx

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  • Hi Sam,

    OMG, I have been waiting for a post from you, I am so sad and sorry to hear your news, I really had everything crossed for you in the hope that you would get some good news yesterday. You were in my thoughts all day.

    Life is a b****h sometimes but I hope now that you have had your ERPC you can start to recover both physically and emotionally.
    I cant believe how quick they did the operation on you, same day, thats pretty amazing.

    Well hunnie, I am not too sure what else to say that can make you feel any better other than this comes with big hugs and just remember we are all thinking of you.

    Leigh-Anne xx
  • Vegging out is a good plan, keep it up! Sending hugs. xx
  • Thanks ladies. x
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