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Hi, I was wondering what symptoms you all had when you miscarried. I was meant to be 6 weeks last Sat, but had a small pinkish brown bleed sun. Hcg test was 782.On Tues hcg was 932, so increased but had not doubled. Scan yesterday showed nothing in womb or sign of ectopic. Waiting for hcg from today. Still feel pregnant, but have not started vomiting as i did with last two. Seem to feel too good. Although breasts still tender and get tired easily. Has anyone else had experience like this. I have not had any strong pain or contractions, just mild ache.


  • Hi
    My miscarriage started with a brown discharge ( Very light) for 3 days then very bad cramps and lots of bleeding and clots my hcg has fallen dramatically. you need to ask them what they think is wrong
    let me know how it goes
  • Hey! Sorry to hear you have had a bleed...hope test is ok

    I had a mmc at almost 12wks and found out at the scan, prior to that I had no bleeding other than a tiny (pin prick) amount of brown discharge 2 days before scan

    fingers crossed
  • my hcg had dropped a little to 896 yesterday and i have got more brown discharge today. Do not feel as pregnant today. Boobs are not as sore. I have been an emotional wreck all day at work. They said that I have to go in if I have heavy bleeding or cramps or wait for scan in 2/52. I can't stand waiting for the inevitable, I just wish it will be over and done with.:\?
  • Hi, I was wondering if you were ok, as didnt see a post from you.
    I cant believe you have to wait 2 weeks, the is horrendous hun.. your in enough trauma and worry without that wait on your mind.
    How is your o/h taking this news, just wondered after the terrible time you were having with him! Do you have any other family/friends support around you
    i dont have many friends close to me, so find chatting on here helps me if im having troubles or need a chat
    take care hun.. big hugs
    caz xx
  • me again, i just clicked on your user name to see if it said where you were from, and i saw you wrote what you do for a living!! Oh my god, this situation must be 10 times worse for you having to do your job every day aswell as deal with your own worries. Really feel for you hun caz xx
  • hi, its really crap that you have to wait 2 weeks, that happened with my 2nd m/c , in the end i went back after a week and chucked a hissy fit, i felt like a time bomb waiting to explode and didnt dare go out the house just in case, They took more bloods and my hcg was still going up , it wasnt doubling but at 10 weeks it was over4000 then 2 days later it was about 6500 so i refused to leave until they did something because i had been told that if you levels are above 1000 then it is unlikely that you will m/c, they still made me wait another few days because they said they had to be sure despite the fact that the scan had shown only a tiny sac, no baby and no heartbeat. Really hope youre doing ok (or as ok as you can be at the moment) take care. xx
  • Omg 2 weeks thats really bad will they continue doing ur bloods mine was a week to wait that was bad enough i was told to go in with a heavy bleed which is what i did but they just said yes its a miscarriage and sent me home the lack of care didnt help me, please come back and talk to us it will help i cried the first 3 posts i put on here but it helps to read everyones words of support i work in a pre school lots of mums preg or due to have a baby in sept so its going to be hard going backxx
  • cant beleive you have 2 wait 2 weeks. I had no symptoms at all. Apart from not feeling pregnant. But i thought i was been paranoid as i had never heard of a missed miscarriage before. Good luck at your scan x xx
  • Hi 3xmum
    A few of us have posted on here.. and I think we are all thinking about you a lot!!
    You havnt been on site for ages.. I truly hope no news is good news for you. You have had such a rough time since finding out about being pg, just want everything to turn out right for you hun.
    Hope to see an update from you soon.. take care of yourself, I know it would be this week your scan after that awful 2 week wait.
    Hope your ok hun
    caz xx

  • Hi sorry to hear you news don't know why they leave us waiting so long its awful waiting. wish you all the best and thinking of you
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