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i've lost my bean

i've miscarried today and finding the physical pain quite bad is this normal? feeling it alot in my back and tum.
please help


  • Hey chick, I have posted to you in the pregnancy forum but again I'm so so so sorry for your loss....

    One of my m/c was spontaneous (instead of missed) and was really painful with strong cramps and back pain, like a mild labour, I was in pain until I passed my baby and then it settled down.

    If your doc confirmed you are m/c did they not send you to hospital? I was admitted for mine and was offered a private room and pain relif.

  • wasn't sent to hospital because i'd been for the scan in the morning and was already bleeding.
    was just told to go to epu tomorrow fpr scan.
    This really does feel like labour which i wasn't expecting!
  • Oh hun, I'm sorry you feel so rough, honestly though if you feel that bad you should think about going to a+e for some help with pain relief. Also if your bleeding really heavily they need to keep an eye on you. I wasn't allowed home until the really heavy bleeding subsided and I was on IV fluids as well.

    thinking of you chick
  • Hi,

    I had a spontanenous misscarriage a few years ago & I remember the pain being horrendous. The MW said at the time it is like labour pains because effectively your delivering your baby. Rest as much as you can and I remember walking helped the pain too even though you may need to stop every now & then for a break.

    I'm very sorry for your loss, make sure you look after yourself.
    Take care xo
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