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Miscarraige at 8 weeks

I am having a miscarraige. I have been bleeding for 4 days now and passed clots but nothing that looks like a placenta or anything. I have pretty bad pain , I have been to the hospital and am to wait for a week and if I dont stop bleeding I will get a d and c. I did have a miscarraige before about 16 years ago but had the d and c straight away when they did a scan and no heartbeat. That was at 12 weeks.
Is it ok to keep bleeding for a week, its pretty heavy and Im fed up wandring aroundin pain bent over a hot water bottle . Has anyone else had the same experience.
This would have been my last chance for a baby with my new husband, we have been trying for two years and Im 44 now so looks like thats it. Im sad really but its worse for him, I have two lovely children already


  • Hi hun, sorry to hear your sad news, not a nice thing to go through!
    I had a mmc 2 years ago where didnt know till had scan. I had choice of d and c or to stay in hosp to let them give me some tablets to tell my body to miscarry, as it hadnt started naturally. I took the 2nd option, and was in hosp all day in agony... eventually I got a shot of morphine injection to help with pain.
    When I finally passed the final clot, by god did I know about it, cos it hurts a hell of a lot, and feels totally different to passing blood etc!
    I have to say as soon as everything had passed the pain stopped! But I still bled in general a bit for a few days.
    Sorry if this is tmi, and not very helpful for you, but wanted to tell you my experience to hopefully help you realise how it can sometimes be.
    Take care hun, and dont give up hope... keep enjoying the practicing and you never know what the future brings
    caz xx
  • Hi Caz, thanks for replying, I think your right once its all gone then it wont hurt any more and the bleeding will ease of, it just seems like ages, and it goes away for an hour then comes back again . Thanks for that Caz
    Sanda x
  • Hi Sanda
    I'm sorry your going through this.
    I had a mmc 9wks ago I was 11wks, I like Caz had pessaries to help me along which I found painful. Unfortunately it didn't wrk for me (there were 2sacs so thats prob why) so had to have a d&c.
    I'm not sure how long you should bleed I think everyone is different.

    People say your more fertile upto 3mths after a mc so if you felt ready to try again you could get preg again soon.

    Take Care
    Love Helen x x
  • Hi Sanda

    Im really sorry to hear your bad news. Just wanted to let you know I know exactally how you are feeling, I miscarried last weekend I was about 6 weeks pregnant. Mine all started with light bleeding last tues I went for a scan on wednesday which showed my babys heart beating, all was well or so I thought. That Friday I started to bleed heavily with clots and really bad pain, the saturday I went into A & E they werent much help but they did give me some strong painkillers as paracetemol just wasnt working. Sunday was much the same. The bleeding has just stopped yesterday so overall was about 9 days, my GP said it would last anything between 7-14 days. There is nothing anyone can say to make you feel better is there? Especially as long as your still bleeding I found it really hard knowing that I was losing my baby and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

    Just one more thing, this is my 2nd miscarriage in 4 months. My first was a missed miscarriage which ended in a D & C in May and by July I was pregnant again, so it just goes to show that its possible to get pregnant again so quickly after mc. So stay positive and dont give up hope.

    Nicola xx
  • Hi Helen and Nicola,
    thanks for replying and giving me support, the more Im reading the more I think that it might be that I will become more fertile after losing this baby. Although right now the thought of trying again is not very appealing..
    Nicola it sounds like you had just what Im going through, I felt really pregnant then suddenly one day my boobs werent so sore then a day later I had a slight bleeding, thats a week ago now and it just got worse uuntill I went to A and E as well and like you they gave me painkillers.
    Its still going on but today my tums not so bad so at least I know now having spoken to you that its all normal ,even though its not great.
    It feels funny not being pregnant now
    thanks xx
  • Sorry to hear that. All the best luck for the future. xx
  • Sorry to hear about you. last year i had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and i think the waiting was the worse thing.

    hang on in there. i feel pregnant again 5 months later
  • Hi Sanda

    I had a mc back in Jan and I did bleed for a few weeks, but once I had passed everything the pain went and it was just the bleeding...I am 40 (41 in Nov) and did think it was down to me having rotten old eggs...but I fell pregnant again after 1 period and will be 29 weeks on Monday. Will keep my fingers crossed for you and please dont give up hope, I have actually had a much better pregnancy at 40 than I had at 28 and 32!!! Take care. xxx
  • Hi Sanda

    I wanted to let you know that you are not alone in how your feeling, there are many of us here to support you.
    I am 41 in Dec and remarried last June. I have 2 beautiful girls from my first marriage ( and lost 1 in between) and my oh and I wanted our own child so tried straight away, took a few months to concieve but fell pregnant in Dec. I have had 2 mmc this year, 1st in Feb and 2nd in July, fell pregnant after 1 period in between and am now pregnant after 1 period again - I'm 6+3 and very nervous but also very hopeful.
    Don't give up hope - I know you end up feeling older than everyone else because the dr's don't help - mine said 'your not getting any younger' and 'time is not with you' and helpful things like that....I also have an underactive thyroid but look still pretty fertile by the looks of it! They say you are most fertile for about 5 mths after a miscarriage so don't give up hope.
    At the same time, only you will know when your ready to try again - you have to give yourself and your oh time to grieve properly too.
    I am wishing you all the luck in the world and sending lots of love
  • I'm sorry to hear about your little one.
    Bleeding for a couple of weeks is pretty normal from what I was told - I think I bled for close to 2 weeks when I had a m/c last year.

    Best of luck for ttc in the future - don't give up hope
  • Thanks everyone for your replies ,they really helped me. Im still bleeding but no pain for a few days now so thats it, the hard bit is reaisling Im not pregnant anymore . Im hopeful from what youve all told me about being more fertile after a miscarraige although right now I dont feel like trying again incase I end up with another one.
    Thanks to everyone
    Sanda xx
  • My m/c @ 9 weeks lasted a week exactly and it was the worst week of my life. Sending you hugs and love
  • My m/c @ 9 weeks lasted a week exactly and it was the worst week of my life. Sending you hugs and love
  • Hi again,
    I am still bleeding and thats 3 weeks now. It was just a brown/red discharge but now its bleeding again.
    No doctors here at the weekend.
    Do you think its normal its lasting this long ?
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