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Recently mc and back for support

Hi everyone I haven't posted on here for a long time but now find myself on here again after I discovered I'd had a blighted ovum at my 12 week scan two weeks ago.

I have my ds who will be 2 next month and now just getting to grips with what's happened as such a shock. Had erpc last Tuesday and everything went well following that but now just waiting for af so can start again.

Is there anyone else there at the same point as me? I'm desperate to start trying again but want first af so I have a start point. Waiting is so hard!

C2b xx


  • I'm so sorry for what yo've been through.

    I'm not at the same point as you, but i remember feeling that way after my m/c. We are on our first cycle ttc again now, but the wait was hard.

    Take care.

  • Thank you Looby good luck for a sticky bean soon

    X image
  • Hi C2b,

    sorry to hear what you have gone through.I had a blighted ovum before conceiving my daughter. But I really feel for you as you only found out at your 12 week scan.

    I had my 2nd consecutive mc in February and am on my 2nd cycle since mc. I didn't wait for 1st af to come, I just went with it. But for previous mcs - I did wait. I think one of the reasons to wait is that it is uncertain when OV is likely to occur. but there are some women who get pg straight after mc. You will know what you want to do, but keep busy so the time goes quick for you.

  • Thank you for your reply S it's really helpful.

    I think I will just see what happens in terms of ttc and if nothing happens by second cycle I may just get a bit more technical if you know what I mean.

    Good luck I will be keeping fingers crossed for some much deserved bfps!

    C2b xx
  • Hi, Im not at same point either but i miscarried on Sat. Im gonna start trying straight away, its the only thing that will make me feel better. Ive got a 20 month old son but had a MMC before him so Ive been here before! Good luck xxx
  • Hi everyone, im sorry to hear what you have been through. I had a mc just under 3 weeks ago and as it was a complete mc we have started to ttc already. I have heard that you can be more fertile in the first 3 months after mc or pregnancy and I'm really hoping its true. I knew that I wanted a baby but didn't realise how much until the mc. Best wishes to you all, thanks for listening xxx
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