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Feeling down

Hi all I've been told at work today I'm going to be disciplined for the time I had off sick following my mc. I've been really upset all day and it's just pulled me right back down. I hate being here and just want to go home. Sorry for ranting just thought you guys would understand image

Also I ate a big bag of toffies so that's my diet out the window for this week.


  • hi lucy----sorry to hear u havin a bad day--surley they cannot discpline you ???? my boss is normally awful about sickness but she actually encouraged me to not come back? the other day i had a bit of a breakdown and she said she admired me for coming back??? have u spoken to human resources or a union???

    xxx hope things pick up soon xx image
  • How heartless is you boss!? I agree with what natsangel said about contacting a union or something. I hope they see sense quickly.

  • Oh my god surely they can't do that!! That is totally outrageous! If you have a doctors note there's nothing they can do, and if you self certified (not sure of the rules as i'm military and not allowed to self cert) then your mc will be on your medical record so if it comes to a disciplinary they will be shown up for the heartless cruel bast***s they are. As if you don't have enough on your mind. This has really angered me, a mc is a loss of one of the cruelest kinds and you are entitled to grieve and get your body back into a fit state to work. We don't get enough support for what we go through and to add work worries onto your plate is unacceptable. I agree with the other ladies, go to your union or HR dept. And for now sod the diet and eat what you like (always helps me!). I hope you're feeling better soon xx
  • Thanks all. I have had a Chinese and now feel much better lol. I'm going to speak to the union tomorrow once I've calmed down. I did have a doctors note and the occy Health man at work I saw before I started back also encouraged me to take as much time as I needed that's why it came as such a shock when I found out about the disciplinary I don't see how they can do it and if they do I'll make sure everyone knows about it. image thanks for all your kind words they made me smile
  • hi xx hows work been today ???? hope you kick there ass????wot have hr said?? :evil: image
  • ok i have a law degree and have worked in hr and they simply cannot do this.

    if you have a union they will have their ass on a plate.

    you are entitled to take up to 7 days without a sick not if you were off longer than that then you need a sick note. if that was submitted and you followed the procedure for notifying them of your absence there is nothing they can do.

    i knows its a nightmare and i hate to think that anyone thinks bad of me - but seriously don't take that lying down. Your union should give you support and advice but that is just wrong!!!!

    fingers crossed it all gets worked out without resorting to this as this is a stress tht you don't need. i'd be tempted to raise a grievance about the way they've treated you but that might not help :lol:
  • The union have been informed and are getting back to me. My grevence will be on the desk in righting on monday!
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