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miscarriage at about 6-7 weeks (i think) :'(

I lost my precious baby at about 6-7 weeks not too long ago now. image missing her (I believe it is a her, anyway) so much. I would of been due late feb to early march we think. So gutted. :cry:


  • So sorry for your loss, its such a horrid thing to go through image

    Sarah x
  • Man sorry to hear that, i just went through a D&C at 10wks and i feel your friken sucks! It seems like i want to just pick up where i left off and pretend it didnt happen...i dont know, how do you feel about trying again?
  • I'm not trying yet, I'd rather not go through it again straight away, just in case. I've got lots of stuff going on in my life too, so I'm leaving it for the time being. image x
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