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I just wondered if anyone have continued or stopped drinking alcohol whilst TTC before and after your mcs? AFter my mc in FEbruary 2011, I stopped drinking alcohol, but I had a mc in June, so I am now questioning my drinking of alcohol. When I google it, it says that alcohol can lead to miscarriages - but I don't know if that is only if you drink it after conception, or if it includes before conception.

what is everyone's views on the matter?


  • Hi s, am not a drinker myself but am sure in moderation it should be okay. Havent heard myself that it can cause miscarriage, I suppose as long as you stick to the recommended limits. I suppose it cant hurt to cut down. Have been naughty myself and been smoking again since the MC, i quit when found out was pg but havent had the willpower to stick to it. Have run out now so am going to try again. Good luck with ttc xxxx
  • Hiya! I dont drink loads anyway but not cutting it out while TTC. Its only harmful when pregnant. Its personal choice and if you feel better cutting it out then do it. I'm looking after myself in other ways, like eating better and going gym. I need alcohol now and again, ha! Lisa x
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