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Subseptate Uterus

Hi Ladies,

After 4 miscarriages in the last 2yrs, I have been diagnosed with a subseptate uterus and am now going to have surgery to resect the septate (via hysteroscopy) next week.

Has anyone had this surgery and can put my mind at rest - did anyone go on to have a healthy pregnancy after?

When I was pregnant with my son (now 3yrs), he lay transverse throughout the pregnancy and I had to have a C Section at 36wks because of the transverse lie and pre-eclampsia. So, I know I carried a baby almost to term with the subseptate - but the DRs are saying that the septate can be the cause of miscarriage and so its best to have it removed and take the problem out of the equation.

Just wish I knew someone that had had the surgery and could claim it a success.

Have also posted this in ttc after mc board.

Thanks ladies.


  • I have this too - or at least ST Mary RMC think it is this I have. I am booked in for my surgery on Monday 19th December. I have had a total of 4 mcs, 3 recurrent and have a 2 year old daughter - who is a miracle.

    how did your surgery go?
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