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Incomplete Scan

I had an early scan yesterday at 7+3 after some red spotting.

The scan was classed as incomplete, although the nurse said she is pretty sure iv had a complete miscarriage, as she would expect to be able to see the baby, and based on my dates and the date of my positive test that it should be visible.

They did a blood test and I have to return tomorrow to see what has happened to my hcg, as they are expecting it have fallen.

Depending on the result of that depends on what happens then. I may have to wait a week or so then take a pregnancy test and wait for it to be negative to know iv definitely lost the baby. :cry:

Gutted is not the word. I'm heartbroken. Clearly wasnt meant to be but that makes it no easier. I'm thankful iv got my little boy and looking at him eases the pain slightly as I feel blessed to have him.

So sorry to you other ladies in a similar position

how long do you have to wait before TTC again. Not that I am sure i want to - I am not sure I could bear this heartache again :cry: xx


  • hi so sorry to hear that you are going through this i had a emc in november 2011 althought i didnt have to go through the scan i now how you feel as i had a mc in 2010 and it broke my heart to have to look at the scen and see that there was no baby . But like you when i had mu second mc last year i had already got my baby so every time i look at him i carnt be too sad as we have a happy and healthy little boy. We started trying as soon as i had my first af after the mc .

    At the end of the day you are the best person who will know when to try once more but i can understand that your not sure about going throught this i still have some doughts my self.

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