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more bad news

its been so difficult over the past few weeks. with my misscarrige just beofr Christmas.

I so wanted to spend 2012 looking to the future after the horrors of last year, but someone seems to have another suprise in store.

on Friday i was diagnosed with breast cancer and have to have a mastectomy as an initial course of treatment, followed by radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

Trying to stay strong for my wonderful husband, but worry how much i can take after loosing my baby in Feb last year and then the miscarriges that followed.

The worst part is that i will be going to hospital the same day exactly i was admitted last year when i lost my little girl, and i will be too ill to visit her on her first birthday.

How can all this be happening???? its like i was destined for something else - perhaps those lost babies were taken for a reason? Perhaps their mum wouldnt have been around to love and look after them and my body understood that?

When i lost Bingo, i didnt want be be here anyone and i wanted to die. But after my misscarrige in December i decided my body needed a rest as well as my mind, and i had come to terms with taking a break from trying.

However chemo will make me infertile, and so its all in gods hands now.


  • Thinking of you.

  • I wish i knew the right words. stay strong and remember your not alone. you can come through this fighting, if you coped with everything 2011 threw at you, you can beat this. life can be terribly cruel and nobody deserves this dreadful run of fate. keep your partner close and take care xxx
  • not sure what to say but soooooo sorry, big hugs and lots of love and luck to you and your hubby, stay strong xxx
  • So sorry to read this, miracles do happen and it seems you are way overdue your miracle. Wishing you lots of love and strength in the coming months xx
  • Honestly when will whoever looks down on us give you a break? You poor thing. I'm so so sorry to hear this. Sending you so much love, be kind to yourself.

    Lots of love and hugs xxx
  • Oh my gosh, I saw this on the front page and just wanted to say how very sorry I am. I don't know your background but sounds like you've had a terrible time. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

    As the others said miracles do happen, you might be eligable for fertility treatment later on or something.

    Thinking of you xx
  • So sorry to see your post, awful awful time for you and your husband x

    I'm sure your consultant will give you egg or embryo freezing options for when you are well enough. I also have 2 friends who have had very successful breast cancer treatments, who are now clear.

    It will be a long road, you will get the support and you will find the strength to get through this and have the family you WILL have when you are well enough x

    Sending lots of love x

    Ink a xxx
  • Im so very sorry for you x x x i just wanted to say that and

    hope you and your family can stay strong,x
  • hi bingo

    there are no words to comfort you im sure - you've had some really awful luck. All you can do now is focus on being strong and getting better, even if you are only strong for those around you, and don't feel like it for yourself. Use the love you have for those around you when you're at your lowest, and when you feel better again and come out the other side you can start to look at options for having a family.

    I know you're hurting but nature doesnt make the connections that we make we go over and over things in our minds. Nature wouldnt let you loose a child because you were going to get cancer in the future. Im so sorry for all the losses you've had, your daughter and now this blow to your health, be strong and lots of love xxx
  • G/C but just wanted to say that I'm so very sorry to hear your news hun, I can't imagine what you must be going through. Take Care and stay strong x
  • I know this is a really old post but I would like to say that I shed a tear for you tonight reading your full story from when you were cs0802. But could you please post again so I can see if you are alright. My heart goes out to you. X
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