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Recurrent Miscarriage Tests

So after three miscarriages in 18months i have been referred to my local hospital for tests. just wondering what to expect from this appointment and what they test for?

thanks all


  • so sorry to hear what you are going through.

    since you have had 3 recurrent mcs, it is worth trying to get referred to a specialist Recurrent Miscarriage clinic such as St Marys. you will need to get the consultant at your local hospital to refer you. They may have vast more experience than your local hospital eg at my local hospital I was identified as having a bicornate uterus. but at RMC, they identified it was a septate uterus whch has a higher mc rate.

    Anyway you and your dh/partner will get blood tests taken - which will check if there is any chromosomes problem, sticky blood sydrome. There is probably a lot more, but i cant remember exactly what they are.

    I would highly recommend Dr Lesley Regan's miscarriage book - it is very sensitively written, but also gives hope.

    good luck
  • Hi Speccles, I am sorry about your miscarriages. Were they early ones? I am in the same position as you. I have had 4 early miscarriages since Jan 2011. I was referred for tests before christmas. had loads of blood samples taken and also an ultrasound (inside and out!). Showed I have pcos. My husband was also meant to have blood tests, but has a phobia of needles, so we still dont know if there is anything the matter with him. I have just been put on metformin.

    Good luck, and I hope you get seen soon x
  • i had my appointment this week. the appt was just a chat and taking of history.

    i went back for a scan which they said was fine.

    and we've both had blood taken and am waiting on the results

    bellehelene - all three of my mc's have been early ones although one didn't come away until 9 weeks but there wasn't much stuff that came away so they think it was just early.

    i;m pleased scan was fine but impending sense of dread that we won't get any answers.....
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