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Could this have caused my mc?

About 2 weeks after Christmas when I was about 6 weeks I had a huge row with my husband. Very abnormal for us. He literally exploded with rage shouted at me and grabbed me. I have never felt so scared. It was totally out of character. He didn't physically hurt me but he shouted so loud right in my face. It was a frightening experience. I think he is stressed at work and that day it felt like he took it out on me. Now I keep thinking back and wondering if this could have caused me to lose my baby and mc?


  • hey pitter_patter,

    At the end of December I found out baby had stopped growing at 8+4 (should have been 11+4) and when I worked it back in my head that was the day I had a huge fight with my manager at work and had a complete emotional meltdown with hyperventalating and everything. I was convinced that was it but when I spoke to my GP she said that it wouldn't have made a difference. she said that fear or anxiety or ang wouldn't transfer through as its still really only a tiny cell embryo. and i suppose that all of those feelings are made from chemicals in your brain and perhaps they aren't made to go through to baby.

    not sure any of that makes sense but if you are worried go and talk to your gp as it really helped me to stop blaming myself.
  • Hi pitter patter,

    When I had my MMC in december I atributed the day my bean stopped growing to a day I was working nights. I blamed my self for continuing to work nights. I think sometimes we try and find reason and blame to help us understand and grieve. We think if i do it differently next time it wont happen again.

    I completely understand where you are coming from but I also realise that these things can generally not be blamed on one event for the reasons Mrs lennon gave.

    In short it is highly unlikely your argument caused your mc. I hope you find a way to move through this time both you and DH. It is completely normal to think and wonder about these things. Take care , big hugs xx
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