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recovery after a mc?

i was told that i had a mmc at my twelve week scan and then went on to mc naturally at home a few days later at exactly 13 weeks. just wondering if anyone has been in the same position and how long it took to recover. a week on Im about still bleeding like a mid period and occasionally have period type pains followed by more heavy bleeding for a bit. finding this hard because i think in coping with it but then when it gets heavier it really gets me down again. also still really tired and can't walk about for too long, which is difficult with it a two year old to run after. i went to the hospital last thurs and the scans showed that i elf miscarry all the tissue and didnt have any clots left so shouldn't be causing me me problems. ive still got a little bump and larger boobs too which getting m e down as i still think i look pregnant. emotionally Im up and down which Im guessing is the hormones still. when did everyone start feeling better ?


  • I know this is a bit late but just seen your thread, how did you cope in the early days and how are you getting on with life now? We lost out baby last night at 5w3d and I know it's not even been 24hrs yet but already worried how i'm going to survive a whole day tear-free. Tell me it gets better?

  • Hey Devon Mummy and Hazzerr, we had a Mc at 7w3d and was honestly horrific. But now we are a week and a half since I had the ERPC and I am doing better...

    I prefer to be home that to socialise...but I guess this is relatively normal. Work were really good about it, as I had told them I was pg. Which has made it easier.

    You are allowed to be emotional and crying is part of that. Last monday, I got home from work and spent a good hour crying. We are allowed to grieve. I am still tired and emotional. Need to go to the epu for a scan in a week just to check everything went ok.

    My love goes out to you both, as I know how you are feeling. x x x 

  • We had the surgical option 3 weeks ago, I couldn't face doing it naturally. Personal choice.

    I bled for about two weeks, mostly like a period, but because I have a bicorunate uterus, it came in waves. Used my hot water bottle a lot, which was great. Also took a mixture of ibuprofen and paracetamol. Have now stopped wearing pads and taking pain killers....which I am really pleased about. I also feel far more normal. I am still tired. But I guess that is normal.

    We have started trying again image so I guess we will have to wait and see.

  • Glad to hear you are doing okay, I'm doing surprisingly well, was not expecting myself to recover so quickly. I feel a bit guilty about getting back to normal after only a week and a half (feels SO much longer though). Should I be guilty about moving on so quick?

  • hi hazer and Claire. sorry to hear if your mc and hope you are ok. in the end i carried on bleeding for two weeks in total. then it stopped for a week and a half before aunt flo arrived. she lasted longer than normal, nine days rather than my usual six and the day before she arrived i had really painful cramping. however she wasn't heavier than normal, just carried on longer. we've been back ttc this month but not sure whether i have ovulated as haven't had a positive on ov sticks. Im guessing it can take a while to get back to normal physically. as i was thirteen weeks i had put on five pounds and i still have a larger tummy than normal. my boobs went down after a couple of weeks though. emotionaly it has been harder. it was all i could think about for a couple of weeks and i couldn't stop crying. i am feeling a lot better and had a big heart to heart with Hubby and we both decided that we wanted to ttc asap so started the day after i stopped bleeding. i think once we did this we had something positive to focus on. i do have really sad days and it isn't helped by the fact that i sit next to a girl at work who is one month further on tgsn i was. i have had a couple if days where i have had wobbles (and suspect i my have another one if af arrives next week) but trying to keep positive. its really nicety hear lily Allen us pregnant again after two miscarriages and this gives me hope x hope you are both ok. go easy on yourselves and hope you have some good news soon x
  • Just reading all your posts has helped me slightly i started miscarrying last night so am a wreck at the moment. I had a bad miscarriage last year and bled for 15 weeks so hoping this one isnt as long. Hope your all ok now
  • hi taz really sorry to hear of your loss. hope you are ok x look after yourself and when you feel ready come and join us in the ttc after mc forum x
  • Thanks devon_mummy will be trying again as soon as this hell is over. Bit scared of trying again but we can let this stop us were desperate for another
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