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bump envy - feeling bit down :(

feeling a bit down today as i went to a new toddler group today with my two year old and everyone seemed to be either pregnant or had a new baby image finding it really hard as i can't help feeling really jealous image a mum i hadn't seen for ages with a LG the same age as mine came in with her new baby and my LG went straight over and started chatting to the baby and showing him toys. made me realise how much shed love a little brother or sister and it breaks my heart. i know i probably will fall pregnant again one day but feel so sad again after today image


  • I know exactly how you feel! After my mmc in march everywhere I went were babies or bumps! I would find myself coming home crying some days, because to me it seemed unfair! Which is horrible to say! It does get easier, I promise! And hopefully before you know it you'll get a BFP! Even though it seems like it takes ages! Fingers crossed for you, hope your feeling better soon xxxx
  • There are 5 mums at our toddler group over 20 weeks pregnant that I see very week. It's tough seeing their little ones hugging their bellies, and bein all excited about babies coming image
  • thanks ladies x hopefully it will get better with time but its horrible to feel so jealous image
  • I know how you feel!

    I had a mmc in April (also baby number two) and had to go to a baby shower the other day! There was lots of pregnant people there. image. Rubbish.

    Think it is totally normal. Don't feel bad for feeling how you feel!

  • Glad to know its not just me because i feel such a horrible selfish person. Yesterday i bumped into antoher girl from my original antenatal group with a a new baby, Ive just seen another baby announcement from a friend on Facebook and the girl I sit next to at work is about a month ahead what i would have been if I didnt have the mc image Hopefully we will have our time again but just feeling a bit negative about it at the mo. Getting near the end of my first AF after the mc so hopefully I will feel better once we are trying again next week, but it seems to be going on forever image

  • Hello devon mummy - as the others have said it is incredibly hard, no matter whether you already have one little one or not. But don't beat yourself up about it, its only natural to feel sadness at what you have lost when others or circumstances around you remind you of it. Know that your time will come and in the mean time, give yourself a huge hug. Apple xxx

  • I so know how u feel I had miscarage dec last yr and had my second miscarage last month and for the last couple of days iv been feeling really low not wanting to do anything or go to work I have 2 beautiful boys with no probs and so lucky to have them but feel so sad for he two I have lost and to top it of miscarrage ) baby would be due this month my sister is pregnant I am so happy for her but I look at her bump growing and feel upset also as I lost last month my friend is pregnant so a constant reminder of what iv lost image I really would like to try again but my partner doesn't want to try again as he's scared if it happens again how I would deal with it he says when is enough image
  • BIG hugs, I totally know how you feel, my little boy is 2 and I had a mmc in april. I feel exactly the same and to make it more agonising I got a BFP this month followed immediately by an early m/c.  It will happen for us all though and when it does it will be so special and we will be hugging our bumps when others are dealing with chaotic toddlers (Hopefully!) x

  • So sorry for ur losses to its hard to except u can miscarry twice in a row but we will get thro it I'm sure with forums like this really help us communicate and can support others even in our difficult times hugs to u and I'm sure when th times right we will get our bfp and sticky beans image xxx
  • Big hugs to you. We are allowed to have bad days we have been through a traumatic event. No one can judge you for wanting to wallow for a bit...we just have to make sure we look forward too x
  • thank you so much for all your comments. im so sorry to he ar that so many people are going through the same thing. im feeling a lot better today although have you been up and down all week. we've given bd a really good go this month and now in the tww. fingers crossed we all have good news soon x
  • Hi Devon, (I was with you in DIN.) there is no quick fix for your broken heart. It's so natural to feel 'why me'? I tried to remember that not every pregnant woman has got there easily...for some of us pregnancy has been a long hard journey. I had 2 miscarriages in a row (18 months apart). Due to circumstances I was 40 when we started. People kept saying that we still had time, 'women have babies in their 40s all the time' blah blah. This site shows us that lots of times things don't go smoothly for many reasons. That's why we are here helping each other, sharing our experiences. You are not alone pet. When your next time comes you will be here giving the ladies who are where you are now the strength and hope to focus on the future. I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy when it comes xxxxx
  • Aww tashelby your post made me cry! hope to leave he din group. its so hard to.keep.a.pma sometimes. however you do.give me (and hopefully others) hope x
  • Absolutely, you are not alone. And I have found great comfort in the support on here...We know the physical pain that we have experienced but also continue on with the emotional side too. I have started taking folic acid again and we have started to get intimate again. Which I was really scared about. I was in the Due in Jan group and it was sad to leave. I keep telling myself that there was something wrong with our little bean and it was not meant to be. We have to remember we have other things to be happy about. There will always be someone who is worse off than you...sounds silly, but it helps me when I am feeling low.

    I love this forum, because there is always someone who you can chat to who can help you out of a whole, we might be annoymous ladies, but we are here for each other.

    Love to all x x

  • This thread has lots of feelings that are familiar to me. My son is 2, and I miscarried at 9 weeks in exactly 26 days later I just got my period (my usual cycle length) so am both relieved and anxious about trying again. I know most advice now is that you don't have to wait 3 months but am in knots about whether its too soon. I feel psychologically ok about what has happened but worried that I'll somehow jinx the next  attempt if my body's not ready. I also have a type of inflamatory arthritis that I am declining medication for because it intereferred with my cycle previously and my pain levels will increase again if I don't take the meds so I can't keep waiting. I know I'm really lucky to have my amazing little boy, and my sister in law had her second mmc in june also, she doesn't have any children yet so I feel worse for her. It's comforting to read that I'm not the only person with bump envy x

  • loucamsmum we decided not to wait ttc after the mc as psychologically i found it harder to have to wait. plus it took eight months last time to fall pregnant so we wanted to just get on with it. i don't think there is any proven reason to wait three more months i think its just so you know your cycle is back to normal for dating reasons x
  • Thanks Devon_Mummy, I feel the same that to wait would be even harder. We originally wanted to start trying for our second baby well over a year ago but I had a borderline smear, then my arthritis meds made me stop I'm nearly 38 so the clocks ticking loudly! Really hoping for good news for us all soon xxx

  • hi everyone, my name is Isabelle and I'm 24 and I'm married.
    I need your help image
    Here is my conditions:

    3 months ago, i got an imperfect conception and got a serious bleeding. After went to doctor and it all done.

    So I keep trying to make the babies again.
    So now my last period was 07 july 2012, stopped on 13 july 2012.

    Although I haven't had urine test, but I was pretty sure that I was pregnant. My breast suddenly turned sensitive ( or even grow bigger ) , the nipples are so sensitive it hurts like hell even its touched by shirt. I had a back pain, feel tired all the day and even fell asleep in my office (it never happened before). That was all pregnancy's characteristics ,aren't they?? And I was really happy to know it, and I was waiting for couple days more to do the urine test to make sure.
    But, suddenly yesterday night it all went wrong, I found brown spotted on my underwear, I thought it was normal.

    Today morning it turned light and even red, and it was not only spotted but it much more than a spotted. I think I'm bleeding now. And now I feel cramps on my lower tummy. Is there anyone been like me before?
    Is there any possibility that I'm still pregnant?
    I'm so freaking stressed image

    Thanks. xxx

  • hi Isabelle unfortunately a lot of pregnancy symptoms are very similar to af symptoms so its hard to tell. the two times ive got a bfp i was convinced af was on her way. i think the difference is that the symptoms tend to be stronger and not go away a couple of days before af arrives when Im pregnant, but everyone is different. it c,ould just be af being horrible this month, it may have been a chemical pregnancy (fingers crossed its not ) or it could be implication bleeding (ive never had this but i think this is usually just spotting) i would do a test tomoroas then you know for sure x i think with very early mc you get a bfn quite quickly afterwards. hope you are ok. keep us posted x
  • Hi Devon_mummy, thanks for your fast reply.

    Sure I will keep posting my condition to you guys.

    Now I'm still bleeding or I think I should've just called it period (just to make myself happy a bit) lol image
    Maybe later after this period I will ask for  some tips of how to make a baby image

    Keep posted the conditions of you all please.

    Because I can learn from it image
    Thanks and take care. xxx 

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