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missed miscarriage


found out recently at dating scan baby had died at 8 weeks 3 days image, i underwent medical management a few days ago.

Just looking for advice for anyone who has been through medical management, how long did you bleed after.

and how long did people wait after a miscarriage before trying again? xx


  • Hi I found out at my scan last week my baby had died. I too had medical management on Friday. I bled very very heavy on Friday then its lessened all weekend and next to nothing today. I feel very empty and drained though. I have been given conflicting advice about trying again, one dr said try as soon as bleeding has stopped but the other said wait for one period then try! I think we will be trying ASAP as I hate this empty feeling image
  • Hi Missymoox and Babypie,

    I had a miscarriage too 4 weeks ago I was 7wks 6 days preg.  I know the loss you are both feeling image  The doctors at the time told me to wait one month before trying again.

    I have done a bit of research on this to find out if there is any medical evidence to support why this is.  The long and short of things is ... the only reason they tell you to wait is for dating purposes.  It makes it easier to date an pregnancy from a normal period than from a miscarriage.

    Our bodies are amazing, and heal well.  I actually read that one doctor in the USA stated "the best cure for miscarriage is pregnancy" and im taking his advice image 

    I've tried to remain positive thoughout it all as this is the second pregnancy i've lost within 5 months (1st was ectopic and I only have 1 tube).  Also statistics that were published in the daily mail some time ago shows that women who conceive within 6 months of a MC go on to have healthy pregnancy compared to women who wait longer than 6 months.  TBH I don't rely on stats, they can be manipulated to state any case!!!!

    Anyway ... good luck in trying again whenever that may be.  I'll continue my BD'ing in hope for my BFP (again)

    Sticky Baby dust to you both x

  • Thanks muffness I hope you get some sticky baby dust too. I am still waiting on my bleeding stopping following my mc. It was heavier again last night after having been a bit lighter. Once it has stopped we are gonna get on with ttc again!
  • I've just found out that I've had a mmc today. I'm devastated. We had an early scan at almost 7 weeks where we saw a little heartbeat flickering away so was shocked to hear that our baby had died just over a week ago.

    I've opted for surgical management as we have a 5 yr old already and don't want to be bleeding heavily for too long. Also, I just want it over now.

    I'm not sure if we'll try again, this has been our second mc in 5 months and I'm worried that my age (39) isn't helping.

    Hugs to everyone else going through this.
  • i have had my final scan a week ago. they said my uterus is now completly empty after my miscarriage. they told me as soon as bleeding stops i can try again but adviced to wait until my first period for dating. hope youve all had success since this message started xx

  • I had my scan last tuesday and they couldnt find a heart beat I was 11 weeks and baby was measuring at 7 weeks when she showed me the baby I was gutted me and my partner were really looking forward to being parents im so scared that it will happen again Itook the medical management pill after my scan then had to go back on thursday last week to have 4 more tablets they let me go after then 2 hours later my miscarriage started it was so painful just wish that no women have to go through losing there baby its one of the worse thing to go through I find it even harder now that my partner brother and his girlfriend have just had a baby im really happy for them I just find it hard to be round them at the moment I would love to still be pregnant im really sorry for others loses xx

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm really sorry to hear about your MCs. I've also had a missed MC in April and underwent and operation. I was told to wait for 2-3 months, but we started trying straight away - not managed to get pregnant again yet imageimage and believe me we'vebeen trying hard! Agree with muffness, they tell you wait so they can date the pregnancy properly.

    I bled for about 10 days after my operation, no heavy bleeding at all. The light bleeding tapered off over 2 days and then I had spotting for roughly 8 days. First af arrived 32 days after the operation.

    I hope you are all ok, I have still not coped with my loss and finding it very hard at the moment!

    Good luck with ttc ladies, lots of baby dust xxx

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