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hi, i am looking for knowledge or advice i hope i am in the right chat forum.

i got my positive yesterday. 4/6 wks pregnant. i am not sure on dates as my periods have been odd since the coil was removed. last mont was spotting for 5 days then two days of heavy bleeding then an abrupt stop. this month i was due around the 28th but started to lose very brown/black discharge on the 24th. I was hoping that this was implantation as it was darker than normal, and with my positive test i felt reassured i was right. last night i stated losing red fresh blood and its got worse today, my doc says its too early to scan, but i can retest in a wk and if positive i can be scanned. but she says it sounds like a miscarriage. so so gutted, i have had severe back ache and no other pain so far. has any one experienced this? i am trying to get all the info i remember out but if something doesnt make sense please ask me to explain it. 


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