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hi everyone. I miscarried in november after ttc for 2 years and fertility treatment. was absolutly devostated I dont no about anyone else but I find one day ill be ok then something will trigger it off and ill be thinking about my baby I lost. when I had my miscarriage I never knew much about what would happen next ir when I would stop bleeding and the hospital didnt care nor did the doctor realy. I found the miscarriage association website and looked through it. I then contacted them as it said they were looking for volunteers to help out in there support groups . ( they only have 20 up and down the country) but none in essex anymore. so I rang then and asked what I would have to do to start one up. they told me that prople have tried in the past but its never become very popular. I think its a brilliant idea and as there isint one in essex I think there should be! id just like to no if anybody would like to help me make this happen.


  • Hello Lottie, which part of Essex?
  • im near Upminster
  • I'm in colchester, a nowhere near you. Not sure how could help from that distance.

  • Hi Lottie, I am currently in the process of goin through a missed miscarriage at 10 wks. They think my baby died at around 3-4weeks or so or maybe never even started growing image but I'm only just realising it now. I came across this post whilst searching the internet for any miscarriage help forums or tips on how to get thru this v difficult time image(( yr post although back in January really interested me as would b great to meet with people who have gone thru what I am and we can all help each other thru it x
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