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I should be 37weeks

I'm posting here as I don't know where else to say this. I should be 37 weeks today. I'm not even pregnant again. I held on to the thought that by my due date I would be pregnant and that's how I coped. I'm not and in more devastated than ever. Period is due tomorrow, I've had bfns for the last 3 mornings. I feel like ad is coming. Unless I get a positive tomorrow it's pretty much my last chance to get through the due date in a good way. I'm not sure how in going to cope now. Everywhere I turn is new babies, bumps and scan pictures. I think my heart is shattered.


  • I'm so sorry! I'm clinging onto all hope ill be pregnant by what would have been my due date too. Fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi stripeysocks, I remember you for the April forum. Just wanted you give you a big virtual hug xxx I had the same thing last year after my mmc and can totally understand how you are feeling and you will start to feel better once the day has passed. I remember having to sit next to someone at work who was sue not long befpre me and it was so hard watching her get bigger (she didnt know aboutmy mc). Perhaps organise something really nice to do for your original due date (eg a pampering session) that will distract you and keep you busy and perhaps avoid Facebook for a few days, but it is normal to feel sad x Hope you re ok and fingers crossed for a BFP very soon x

  • My baby I would be due next month and still no BFP for me image

  • My due date was 25th may,mc'd at 8 wks  got 2nd bfp 21st Jan ,mc'd March 17th,at 11 wks ,

    know what you're going through,would have been much easier to bear if had been pregnant again ,

    I agree with Devon mummy, plan something nice for due date,my niece is due 28th May so going to be lovely but tough to hear of her new arrival,

    We are ttc again,af due 21st May, so keeping fingers - crossed,last cycle was off though due to mc, so hoping this 1 isn't also . time just seems to go so slow when you're waiting for/dreading every twinge, want so much to be pregnant again but also scared at the same time. I guess time will tell .good luck to us all x x

  • I know how you feel I should of been nearly 32 weeks now & still not pg, starting to find it disheartening.

    I'm dreading Kate Middleton having her baby as she's due the same week as I would of been.So unfair having that constant reminder of how my child at certain stages of it's life he/she would of been like image

    Planning on doing something special though on what should of been my due date, any ideas ladies ?

  • My thoughts exactly ,it's so unfair image not that I would wish bad on anyone but it's gona be hard,

     bought a fab pregnancy book & keep going to what would have been happening now - I know I shouldn't as it doesn't really help,

    Was planning on having a massage or reflexology , had that last mnth to try & help with tcc, didn't work this time better luck nxt time? just gota keep trying I guess x x

  • I try not to think about it to much but when I have bad days i'm just an emtional wreck.

    Even though I had a  m/c in December & it took me 3 1/2 months to get my first af hubby & I have only been tryng for 2 months, last month had a chemical & this month it's a bfn it's starting to get to me a bit. If only there was a magic wand which could give us all a baby lol

  • It's difficult to not let it take over isn't it,

    So am I right in thinking you have had 3 mc's ? It's so heart wrenching - 1 should be more than enough for any woman  ,but as the midwife said to me at least we know we can get pregnant, apparantley the hardest part after 40 is getting pregnant in the 1st place,

    Sometimes I think maybe I've had all the babies I'm supposed to have, and I should be grateful- some women haven't been so lucky ,but   when something is taken away from you you want it even more  , wish I had a magic wand for us all 2  I read of a lady saying she had gone to a spell caster & 3 months later she was pregnant !and all is well ... may be something in it ?? .. x x 

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