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heterotopic,ectopic and cystic hygroma

hi im new on here but would love it if someone could help as im sinking,,  i will start with nov 2011 i had a mc at 6 weeks, july 2012 another mc at 6 weeks..then in october  found out i was pregnant,, i went for early scans at 5 weeks,7weeks and 9 weeks due to a large cyst i have,,all was well untill december 12 i was rushed to hospital,,i was on deaths door, rushed to surgery,,,turned out to be a very bad ectopic with the loss of my left tube,,i was really ill.2 days later went for a scan and baby number 2 was ok,,they told us it was a heterotopic pregnancy, it only happens to 1 in 30,000,,,i went home feeling very lucky and to look forward to my 12 week scan on 28/12/12,,,,,that scan didnt go very well,they found a large cystic hygroma, i had to go for tests and more scans a week later at a better hospital,,,the CH had doubled is size and they also found hydrops,,,and was told that my baby had NO chance, it will die inside me.....after all we had been through i could'nt take much more,,,,,i delivered our baby at 14 weeks,,it was the worst thing every.we sent our baby for testing to find out just what happened to him/her

it is the first thing i think about when i wake and the last i think of at night.

i cry every day

 i want my baby back 


  • Hunny I'm so so sorry about you sad news and journey, I think you may need to speak to someone about you loss Hun like a person who specialises in this and even groups in your same position may help xx
  • my counseling starts next week. i have had trouble finding someone who has been in a similar situation as everyone i know has never heard for such a hole ordeal has left people stumped..alto of people think i should be over it by now like it was just a miscarriage but it was far from it was...thanks for your reply...i find talking about it helps xx
  • Your welcome image I think talking about it is a very good idea Hun, and I think it's sad for people to say or think you should be over it by now it's you're feelings nobody else's keep strong image xxxx
  • Im really sorry you had to experince this. I know its hard right now but I also hope that one day you receive the blessing you so deserve.

  • dansam, my baby has cystic hygroma  and also an omphalocele which means its abdominal organs are developing outside its body. the ch is huge, it covers my babys neck shoulders and back right down to the tiny bottom. i too have been referred for more tests and detailed scan on tuesday to find out more. i know deep down i will lose this baby as that black shadow which was enveloping my baby was just SO  BIG!!!! i pray for a miracle but i KNOW on Tuesday my world is going to cave in and i will feel even more lost than i do now. i pray you're still on here hun and that you're ok. i know how you feel, I've already had seven misscarriages and this will be my eigth lost baby, this hurts so much more than the misscarriages as i know my baby is growing and  has a heartbeat and alli can do is wait for him or her to die. it is literally sould destroying hun, my heart goes out to u. this shouldn't happen, why?? i just wan  to know why? I'm sure you will feel the same and I'd love to share and support hun. xxxxx

  • hope you're ok dansam and have managed to find some peace after your loss xxxxx

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