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Scared I'm misscarrying :(

****26/03/13 Update on below post, I have since los my baby. Gutted *** Hello, I went in for my 3rd US on Monday and am supposed to be 7+4days today. I had some pain two weeks ago so had a scan to see if was ectopic, but they couldn't see sac in womb so i was rescanned ast mon 11th. On that scan they saw just the black sac (was 6+2 at that stage) and was just under 3mm and said was only possibly a 4 maybe 5 week preg. Then i had another internal us on monday 18th and this time there was a yolk sac inside the black sac but black sac had only grown 2mm in  a week. I was happy but apprehensive. Then Monday afternoon at work I started having brown discharge, so i panicked and got upset and was sent home. Yesterday I stayed at home and had brown spotting all day. Never "filled" a pad though (sorry for tmi) and did have period like cramps on and off all day. I have come back into work today and have been having period cramps still although seem to be increasing and have had quite a bit more brown discharge. Still not enough to "fill" pad although i just know that I'm waiting for the inveitable to happen. I tried to feel my cervix yesterday and it seemed very soft but I couldn't determine if was opened slightly or not. I had a lot of brown mucus over my fingers after. I just don't understand where it's coming from?!! I read that Brown is old blood but i know the red will appear and i will lose this much longed for 1st baby! It's taken us 2 years to get to this point and I just want it to be ok! I know it will be nothing i've done. Feel in complete limbo as to whether this baby will survive or not. If its's not i just want it (the misscarriage) to happen rather than my body dragging it out. I feel sick with worry and just don't know what's happening I spoke with the EPU on Mon and they said that unless I was bleeding red with clots and soaking more than an pad an hour not to come in. I saw the GP yesterday too and he spoke with them and said to me in the nicest possible way "It doesn't look good", which i know its not. Any advice on how to cope with this or experenices? Thanks ladies xxxx
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