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Symptoms so strong this time, compared to my three 3mc.

 I've had three mcs since May last year, first one at 7weeks, then one at 5weeks, then the most recent one in october 2012 at 11weeks.

I am now 7weeks pregnant again. I was wondering how strong your early pregnancy (which have resulted in mc, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be insensitive at all, I really would just like to know if I am the only one) symptoms have been? Because I have had next to no symptoms with my first three mcs, slightly sore boobs, no sickness, nothing else. But this time I'm literally feeling sick ALL the time, and feeling really hungry every few hours and when I wake up in the night. I have also noticed that I have become very ratty lately, ended up shouting at one of my manager-he has had it coming to him for a long time to be fair though image He didn't seem to mind so much though.

I'm really hoping that this is my sticky baby, so has anybody experienced zero symptoms with pregnancies which resulted in mc, then had MEGA symptoms with a later pregnancy, is this a good sign???

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