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Hello Everyone

  Was meant to be 9 weeks on Saturday.  Started bleeding on Friday and still bleeding now.     Had a scan on Monday and it was inconclusive - either the baby died at 5 weeks or I'm only 5 weeks pregnant.   I'm just wondering how long would a test still say I was pregnant after a miscarriage?   Could I be loosing a 9 week baby and be still be pregnant with a 5 week baby?   I'm not that hopeful but have to wait until the 13th May for another scan.   Fiona x



  • I just had my 12 week scan and They said the baby was still only 5 weeks ... there was no way that my dats was that out, they gave me an internal and found the baby had stopped growin at 5 weeks. alot of the time they say the baby is 5 weeks bcoz there isnt a heart beat on scans at this time, Im so sorry i completly know how you feel. im pretty sure aswell that until the baby and sack come away and you need to wait for around 3 weeks after that for a negative result. if still positive they will do your bloods to find out why. good luck tomorrow let me know how it goes im findin all of these things very interesting. good luck again hun ! x

  • Hey

    The sac came away last Saturday so now it all makes sense!  Was quite horrific - lots of blood and pains.

    Still going tomorrow just to make sure everything went, as I haven't actually spoke to anyone at the hospital again!

    fiona xxx

  • I had my scan two days ago to make sure all my sack had come away. hopefully yours has too. sae you having any more pain or stress... i was so shocked. i had no signs until the night of my internal scan. x

  • dreading getting upset again at the hospital but just keep trying to think to the future and getting pregnant as soon as we are ready to again


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