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Blighted Ovum

hey everyone just wanted to talk to anyone who has had this in  the past and could give me some advice.

I had no bleeding or pain at all and went for my 12 week scan and they said the sack was 12 weeks 2 days but the fetus inside was only around 5 weeks.

i then had an internal scan and that same night i started bleeding. ive been in really bad pain ever since.

i have another scan tomorrow to see any change ...


absolutly shocked and heart broken, id never even heard of this... if any one knows any information on blighted ovums it would be much appreciated... thanks :'( xxx


  • my friend had one. she was 10weeks and she had gotten a positive when she missed her period and tested again a few weeks later and the lines were real dark, she was being sick and all the rest so she had no reason to worry. at 10weeks she had a scan and just an empty sac. she went back 1 week later and it was still an empty sac. she had to have to removed with tablets like an abortion. shes was gutted. took her 5years to get pregnant. im so sorry this has happened to you. what happens is your body still thinks its pregnant and the sac grows and you get all the symptoms, but the baby never grows past 5 weeks. nobody really knows why it happens xxx

  • hi babybump so sorry for your are you now?  in jan 09 i to went for a scan at 11weeks due to a bleed to find out the sac had grown but baby had not.the same thing happend again in dec12 .they call it a blited ovum because early on your body relises that theres something wrong with the fetus so it stopes growing but nature is cruel and the sac can grow for many weeks still giving you signs of pregnancy.sore breasts etc.the first time i had a erpc the last time natural mc. i went on to conceive straight away and im now 21weeks 2days with a healthy baby girl.  be positive and dont give upx

  • so sorry for you babybump, I know how heartbroken you are hun: I went for my 12 week scan (April 17th) to be told there was no heartbeat and the fetus only measured 7 weeks! I had no clue apart the fact I felt too good!! I had to have medical management and luckily no problems since.

    give yourself time to get over this , it's mother nature's way of taking what would've been a poorly baby (that's how I see it anyway) take care of yourself xx

  • I'm sorry for your losses ladies, I had a blighted ovum in December at 9 weeks image

    Found out I was pg beginning of November & had all the normal symptoms the dreaded morning sickness, tiredness etc so I thought the pregnancy was going ok. Got to 8 weeks & I started spotting so knew something wasn't right as i'd never bled with my other 3 children. GP booked me in for a scan on the Monday but bleeding had got slightly heavier by then, EPU done an internal u/s & there was a 6 week gestation sac but no baby.

    I was exactly 9 weeks to the day I had the m/c naturally.

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