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I'm 4 weeks pregnant and started bleeding today , wasn't that heavy but was red in colour, it stoppclub out hour later, went to doctors who said couldn't do anything as cant be scanned till 6 weeks, very worried now as didn't have this wih my other pregnancy, husband says to stay positive but I can't be when I'm so worried, has this happened to anyone else before.


  • Hi- i am 8 weeks and the same is happening to me. U dnt knw what way to react and i know with my other half im jst tryin to make it sound less serious than what i actualky think it is cuz i dnt want him to worry.


    All u can do is wait be patient relax and pray 


    Godbless u and hope everything is ok xx

  • Hi thanks for reply,did you get a scan? How did it go?

  • Went to emergency admissions last nyt as i started to cramp  really bad and bleed badly but there were no docs to c me ( bad i know!) So midwife advised me to wait til my original appt for this morning and she explaind to me that if it was a misscarriage that anything that i wud pass (tmi) for 8 weekd would resemble a whiteish like jelly and that wud b it gone. And last nyt when i went home unfortuabtely thats exactly what happened. It was not sore at all and it passed very easily (physically) once it had passed all of my cramping immediately stopped and i had a real sense of relief to kbow that hopefully the worst was over amd i could deal with what happened. Bleeding has gone down to a minimum and just like a light period with no cramping. Attended appt this morning amd explained what happened they confirmed it was a miscarriage and going by what i described that growth stopped at approx 5 weeks. She told me to take a pregnancy test in 10days and if it is still positive to cm bk as it may indicate retained tissue or sac. Hoping for a negative test . I knw my experience didnt turn out to be a happy story but the whole thing has made me appreciate exactly what i do have.  

    Life is strange and things happen to good people which we can not explqin but lets hope theres something good around the corner for us all.


    Just remember that bleeding does not always indicate a miscarriage but listen to ur body you know it best and always get it checkd out . That is what the professionals are there for.


    Good luck to you and godbless image xxx

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