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Confused after miscarriage


I had a missed micarriage on the 31.05.13  my miscarriage was medically managed and I bled for two weeks and have had no pregnancy symptoms since, wellup until saturday where my nipples started tingling and Im now having a bloody striped discharge.... im yet to have a period does anyone know if this is ovulation????  Went to EPU last week and my hoprmone level was back to confused!


  • hi babybump, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage! everyone is different but I bled for about 2 weeks and my period started 4 weeks after, I'm not sure if I ovulated though as didn't feel/see any signs! I think you just have to wait and see because your hormones will be all over the place! take care 

  • Thanks for getting back to me Carioke.  Its just a difficult time... its the nipple tingling thats confusing me as thats how I suspected i was pregnant last time.  Hubby keeps saying be patient...i must learn.  Hows things with you?

  • I'm getting there, I think!! some days I feel fine but I'm finding there's always something to make me feel down again; like one of the mums at playgroup is pregnant with twins and due on the date I was due!!

    luckily my cycle seems to be back to normal and I now have a 29 day cycle rather than the 34 day cycle I used to have! 

    how are you today?



  • It must be difficult when  you come across new mums to be especially when they are due on your due date.  Have you got other children?  How are you feeling today?  Im glad your cycle is back to normal, how long did that take?


    Im ok thanks, ment to be going back to work tomorrow, just thinking about it make me nervous.  May take a couple more days off... will see.  Otherwise the bloody stained discharge stopped after a day but my boobs are still acheing and tingling (v strange).  Im just trying to plod on and see what happens, Very confusing mund you.  My hubby and me are just going to keep trying and see what happens, we will not be beten.  You?  Take carexx

  • Yes I've got a 9 year old son from a previous relationship and my hubby has 2 boys from his previous marriage, we're both just over 40 and been married nearly 4 years. After taking a year to recover from abdominal surgery in Dec 2009 I started realising I wanted a baby with my hubby, so I came off the pill sept 2011 and finally got my bfp in March'13 only to be told there was no heartbeat at the 12 week scan, we were both devastated but hubby always says things happen for a reason. do you have any other children?

    how are you today? how was it going back to work, do they know? xx

  • HIya good to hear from you.  Oh that must of been awful finding out at the 12 week scan, did you have any inkling about something being wrong?  Poor you.  You going to try again? 

    I havent got any children yet!!  Im 33 my husband has 2 from his first marriage.  Yes i agree with your husband that these things happen for a reason, but It doesnt help when we feel like we do does it?  I just feel really let down.  I didnt go back to work today, I work for the NHS and see up to 18 patients a day and at the present I dont feel ready or even want to listen to my patients problem.  Yes my boss knows and hes been really understanding.  I havent said anything to any one else but you know what rumours are like!!!  You back at work?  Big hugs sarahxx

  • Don't go back til you're good and ready, my hubby didn't want to leave me at home on my own but I told him it's what I needed, then I could have a good cry when I wanted and just think things through in my head!  it's good your boss is understanding; that really helps. I had 2 weeks off then decided I needed to get back to normality.

    hubby just asked if I wanted to try again and I said I've certainly not given up just yet! 

    The worry I had before the scan was that I felt too well and knew deep down that wasn't a good sign. everyone told me not to worry but I can remember how I felt the first time;pregnant!!


  • Hiya how are you?  Im glad youve decided to try again, we will not be beaten.  As for everyone telling you not to worry its difficult isnt it when deep down you feel that everything isnt 100 percent.xx

  • hi, I'm ok thanks; just into the 2ww now so all I can do is keep my fc and hope we've managed it this month! how are you doing?xx

  • oh exciting good luck let me know how you get off...fingers crossed.  Im ok thanks, still havent had my period xx

  • Hiya Carioke hows things?  Have you tested?xx

  • Hi, it's day 19 of my cycle today so still a long way to go as I think I've only just ovulated, I always feel optimistic and hopeful at this time and I feel that we've dtd enough to catch the egg but I was thinking this morning that since I came off the pill sept'11 life has felt like a rollercoaster ride! I also dislocated my knee last sept and had a mmc in April so I can only hope I'm due some good luck!!

    How are you feeling? do you feel like you're getting back to your normal self yet?xx

  • Hiya Carioke, you keep positive and hopefully you will be pregnant.  Yay fingers crossed.  Oh gosh you sound like youhave been on a roller coaster of emotions, hopefully this will be the end to it all once and for all.  Let me know ehat praying for good news for you.

    Im doing ok thanks, feel like me again.  Its just a awful thing to go through isnt it?  Was just struggling with the being let down feeling and just wanted my own baby so much. (like us all really).  My period still not arrived so weve just decided to carry on ttc and will see what happens.  Saw GP mon and she said if no period ina week or so to try a preg test.  Am having the odd pg symtoms but not sure if thats my mind...  Will prob leave test a good while as will be a nervous wreck again.  Im off to my spin class shortly going to burn up some energy, we are off on hols soon.  Be a nice breakxx

  • sounds like you're doing the right thing and keeping yourself busy! where you off on your hols? we've just booked a cottage near bridlington in Aug, can't wait for a few days away!  

    It is the most awful thing to go through and unfortunately it happens to so many woman; my mum had 2 before she had me!  I think I'm doing really well to say mine was only 2 months ago, although I'm not looking forward to when af arrives as I feel we've really tried our best this month. I hope you are doing well too?

    This is going to be a long cycle for me as thought I was ov'ing last weekend (had ov pains and tingly boobs) but then a few days ago I noticed ewcm, so think I didn't ov til yesterday on cd 20!!! 

    hope you're enjoying the sunshine xx


  • Hiya, glad you are doing ok.  Yep the weather is glorious ive been out in the garden today.  I love the sunshine.  Oh lovely bet you cant wait to go to the cottage, Bridlington is up towards Scarbourough isnt it? (My geography is rubbish).  Bet your looking forward to a break.  We areoff to Lanzerote in aug for some sunshine.  We live in wet south wales...

    Know what you meanabout af arriving it will be difficult especaily when you are consciously trying to concieve.  I still havent seen anything and my mc was 5 weeks today so god knows whats going on with my body!!!  Im trying not to think too much about it all as it confuses me about my cycle.  Before ms i used to have a period every 32 days. wonder if it will be back to normal again?

    What you up to at weekend?  Im going to sit in the sun and relax (again).xx

  • Hi, yes brid is near scarbourough and I can only hope the weather is like it has been this weekend!! I've heard wales is lovely but wet! we were going to go to hafan y mar last summer but decided norfolk might have better weather and it did.

    your body is probably just trying to work out what's happening, your cycle will sort it's self out when the hormones are all back in place, I think I've been one of the lucky ones (in a weird way) where my cycles have settled back quickly, not sure when they're going to give me my bfp though!!image  trying not to think about things is an impossibility; I seem to get a lot of twinges and pains around ov time right up to af arriving so it's hard to put things to the back of my mind!! who'd be a women eh?

    we've been to a beer/music festival this weekend so I have enjoyed myself!image  how about you?xx


  • Oh lovely beer music festival sounds lovely hope you had a beer or two.  We went to beach was lovely.  Started back to work yest been quite a nice distraction as havent had time to even think about mc and nice to get back to normality,  have you had a bfp?  No af for me yetxx

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