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Miscarriage Support Group in Essex

I was just wondering if there are any ladies in and around Essex on here? I recently went to the London support meeting (run by The Miscarriage Association) and found it so helpful, listening to the other strong and amazing women who had been through this terrible time bought us all together as a community even though we had never met before.
I live in Essex, and although dont mind travelling into London once a month, thought it would be a good opportunity to maybe start a group or coffee morning somewhere around Essex.
I know it has been tried before and hasn't been very successful, but even if it just helps a couple of people it would be worth it? 
Just wondering if anyone would be interested? X


  • Hi Samantharose, whilst a lovely idea in principle the problem I have found with many 'support groups' is that they cover too large an area (i.e. I have Ehlers-Danlos & our 'Essex' Support Group covers from Manningtree to Ilford (all of Essex) meaning that we constantly have to try & arrange meetings to accommodate everybody who can't drive/travel so far).  Ironically London is one of the easier places to get to as all train networks travel into London.

  • Hi Samantharose, I am currently in the process of goin through a missed miscarriage at 10 wks. They think my baby died at around 3-4weeks or so or maybe never even started growing image but I'm only just realising it now. I came across this post whilst searching the internet for any miscarriage help forums or tips on how to get thru this v difficult time image(( yr post although back in July really interested me as would b great to meet with people who have gone thru what I am and we can all help each other thru it x
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