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  • Not feeling strong at all today image I wish I could sleep for the next month and wake up when it's all over xx

  • So sorry babes, cant even imagine how it must feel image xxx

  • It's ok LH I know there's nothing anyone can say or do. i know these things happen, I just want it to be over so I can move on. Wish DH was here, he's working image

  • U poor thing wens he back? X

  • He should be home about 7-7.30pm. I've text him asking if he can finish earlier but I doubt he will x

  • Bless u hopefully he can get back earlier. I wanted Ian to come to the scan tomoz but e works in Nottingham so he won't get back in time so I gotta go on me tod x

  • Hiya Lou, how are you feeling today?  Its hard to feel positive about anything when you feel so upset and let downxx

  • Hi babybump, I'm feeling ok ish today, I guess numb is the word! DH walked in from work and I cried when I saw him but other than that I've been occupying myself with the tennis. For the moment I accept its out of my hands until Monday, then it will get a lot  worse before it gets better.

    how are you? Xx

  • Don't suppose you know when my boobs will realise I'm not pg anymore? They're still killing me. Xx

  • Boob pain ouch...poor you thats all you need.  The nurse in the early preg unit told me that after a mc it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for your body to physically recover.  Hard enough going through all of this without having more bloody painxx

  • I really hope monday goes ok for you, will be thinking of youxx

  • Thanks babybump. Any news on your potential BFP? xx

  • No no news, mind you i havent actually done a test.  Im not sure what to do really. still no period the odd pg symtom but scared just in case its neg.  And if its positive i will be worrying all the time.  helpxx

  • Aww hun I completely understand you must be really worried - I know I would be.

    If it were me i'd be torn between 'ignorance is bliss' and 'I GOTS TO KNOW NOW!!!'

    Whether you test or not, it won't change the answer. So I guess it depends on how much you want to know. Tough one, I really don't know what I would do! PLease let me know when you do test though whether it be now or another day xx

  • Hiya, I know its a trickey one.  The nurse in the epu said period would return in 4 to 6 weeks so will prob wait another week or so.  Oh thats lovely of course I will let you know either way.

    Its odd really I dont know anyone on here (obviously) but this site provides valuable support especailly as we all understand what each other is going throgh.  Ive only told 3 people about mc as i cant stand having to talk about it because i get upset.  Have you spoken to your friends?xx

  • No...I'm hibernating as I can't talk about it without crying. Once (apologies for how blunt this sounds) the baby is out of me, I'll be able to cry in more of a final way if that makes sense....more like closure rather than limbo. I'm sure once I've cried all those tears I'll be able to talk about it.

    My mum knows but I've been screening her calls. My boss and a couple of colleagues know, one colleague said the very useful 'at least you know you can get pregnant' to which I wanted to reply YOU THINK THAT MAKES IT OK TO MC?! But I restrained myself! My best mate has just got back from holiday. I haven't seen her since I got my BFP so I'm gonna get poo faced with her next Friday and tell her as she's had a mc this year.

    I agree the online support really helps. I'm in another forum too which sadly has more people suffering MC's than on this site. Sad but we all agree it's good to share experiences rather than bottling everything up.

    It's completely normal to get upset talking about it. Next time I'm not going to tell anyone until I see a heartbeat. Think we just got caught up in the excitement. You telling anyone next time round?


  • wow sorry i wrote loads image

  • I spoke too soon my mum's caught me on skype image

  • Haha have you answered/???  Its hard talking but she prob wants to know your ok.  My mums been brillant, everytime ive seen her ive blubbed..  Oh i bet you cant wait to go out with your best mate and have a drink and a chat.  As for that stupid comment at least you can get pg...people want to think beore they speak.  WE ARE HURTING.

    Luckily only our immediate family knew i was pg, weve decided that when im pg again we are going to tell our immediate family but not mention it to anyone un else until as far after the 12 week scan as we can get away with it.  Its our news.

    How you feeling about monday?  The waiting is cruel xx  You still on skype!

  • I ignored her image my mum and I aren't that close in terms of hugs and tears.

    i so badly want Monday over and done with. I feel ok about it now but I know when it arrives it'll be really difficult. I hope they give me some Valium to console me when it's confirmed. Don't suppose you know how long u have to wait for a d&c after diagnosis? I'm hoping they book me in for Tuesday morning so it's done. I just can't wait around anymore! And I just found out hubby's working 12 hours on Sunday so that's bummed me out, I thought he'd be here to look after me image xxx

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