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  • Oh no poor you, is there no way he can get the day off? men!  Im not sure how long you will have to wait, i know that i was told on th tuesday that id had a mc and i was booked in for the medical management with a pecessary on the friday of the same week.  Wasnt too long at all but was still too long when you feel in such a mess.  Trouble being with a d and c i think its under general anaesthetic so you may have to wait for a theatre space.  But i doubt you will have to wait i would of thought it will be over with within the week.  Just try and stay strongxx

  • Hiya Lou,  Been thinking of you today as i know you said you had your scan at 9am how did it all go?  Hope your okxx

  • thanks hun. Was as expected, bean died at between 6 and 7 weeks. Having a medically managed mc, the cramps are well painful! No bleeding yet, I'm very scared xx

  • Hiya Lou oh i am so sorry for you, lifes cruel isnt it.  I hope your ok.  Are you in hospital?  Ask them for some pain relief, I ended up having gas and air not v nice pain at allxx

  • Mother Nature is cruel at times. image stay strong xxx

  • so sorry to hear this Lou! hopefully the pain won't last long; mine was over in a day but bled for 2 weeks. you take care of yourself and try think it's mother nature's way as cruel as it seems xxx

  • My GOD I've never felt pain like it! It's eased up for now but I just spent an hour laying in my empty bath wriggling and wailing - it felt like how I imagine a contraction but it was constant!

    I'm at home, they said most people go home and do this. DH called them and they said the level of pain is normal. I can go back if it's unbareable but it hurt too much to get in the car xx 

  • And I'm not even bleeding yet! When will the bleeding start? Had the pills at 11.15 and the cramping got really bad at about 3pm. xx

  • Hia Lou how are you doing?xx

  • Hi babybump, I'm ok thanks, been a bit of a sad day as my boss upset me and I'm not sure whether I've got more heavy bleeding to come. I am ok though, numb I guess. Haven't had any more contractions thank god! I think I'm still getting used to the fact this is actually happening.

    How are you? Have you tested yet or still holding out? (I'm hoping the witch didn't get u...) xx

  • How ru today chick? Xx

  • Hi LH, I'm ok I guess. Spaced out! haha. Not sure if it's over, so to speak, I'm sure once I know it is I'll start feeling better.

    How are you and bump? xx

  • Yeah at least you can start to think about moving on ands getting back to some form of normality. Yeah we're good thanks chick been having lots of pains and cramps so think I'm coming up for a spurt I already look like a bloater lol x

  • Hiya Lou,  glad you are doing ok.  The medical miscarriage aint nice is it.  I know once the day was over with for me i had no more pain and just bleeding so hopefully your through the worse.  What did your boss do to you?  Tell him or her to sod off... youve got enough on your plate.

    No i havent  tested yet, still hadnt had a period since mc which was 6 weeks tomorrow, so god knowa.  Im still getting tingling in nipples and clear discharge so god knows.  Im confused.  Keep smiling chick, thinking of you sarahx

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