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Feel so helpless


I don't know if you get many men on here but I cant find any decent outlets anywhere for my issue. Hope you amazing ladies don't mind a bloke coming on? Anyway, here's my/our story.


My wife and I have always wanted children but have been waiting till we were o. a situation financially where it was gonna be possible. We decided at Christmas that we would try and by February we were so happy to see a positive test. We became so attached to this little apple seed/bean/blueberry and tracked it through apps websites calenders etc and had even started to write a journal and messages in a diary to our unborn. 

A few weeks down the line we were booked in for the three month scan but two weeks short of that my wife experienced some light "spotting" and some cramps. We went to A&E for an emergency scan. Expecting to see an 8/9 weeks old foetus, the nurse quickly dampened our hopes by telling us it was barely 4/5 weeks, no heartbeat and very high likelyhood of MC. Sure enough, within a week, our worst fears were realised and we'd lost our little one. 

We didn't want to hang about trying to conceive again and once she'd recovered and docs gave us all clear we had another go. My wife had symptoms like sickness, tiredness, wanting to eat the entire contents of the kitchen... and we were waiting for her due date AF. Nothing. Hopes raised. But negative tests. 5 days since she was supposed to have her period and finally a positive. I felt like superman. But within hours of this she has been bleeding. Went to GP who seemed concerned but at early stage there's nothing they can do. She's been spotting on off, various shades browny red etc for about 3/4 days now




  • Convinced we're gonna have another miscarriage... image

  • This is exactly wat happened to me. Miscarried in nov. Tried again and finally fell pregnant in april. Started bleeding at what i thought was 5 weeks but a scan revealed i was only 4 weeks and was reassured the bleed was implantation bleeding. Stopped a few days later and im now 14 weeks so dont panic. Easier sed than done i know as once youve miscarried once you convince yourself it will happen again. I still worry now. Try and stay positive as such a high number of women have implantation bleed and everything is fine!!

  • Update - bleeding has all but stopped. She feels sick but hasn't actually been sick. Test line which was faint is now slightly darker.

    Hopefully this one is sticking x

  • Really pleased to hear that. I think you have a lot of positives to hold onto, just try and remember that just because the worst happened once doesn't mean you will be as unlucky the second time, i'm proof of that! All the best!x

  • Good luck! Also dont count too much on the darkness of the test lines, I had a really strong pos last tues, then last fri it was so faint it was hardly there but at my scan that afternoon baby's heart was going like the clappers so don't be alarmed if she gets the odd faint one I was convinced it meant something was wrong but everything is fine. Keep us posted image x

  • Thanks guys. I've been proper pestering the mrs asking if she's ok etc but no more blood, she feels sick, tender boobs, good appetite, heartburn, tiredness etc so keep hoping!

  • That sounds really promising desp, really need some good news in here. Hoping ur little bean is a good one. plz keep us posted x x

  • Oh god, I think it's happening again image

    She's had bleeding today and the line on her test was very feint. 

    I can't do this again image

  • how is she this morning? X

  • No bleeding so far but she has stomach cramps. I don't understand why this should happen again, the line is barely visible now.

  • Really sorry Desp, its totally gutting going through things twice. Hope thats not the case, we're all here if you need us x x

  • I'm so sorry but don't give up hope yet, I had a very strong line last tues snd i mean strong then on fridsy a barely visible line on my test that was  the day I had my scan at 8+5 was so worried and cursed myself for doing that test but scan showed all was well. How far along is she supposed to be? Has she called a doctor? X 

  • Sorry you're going through this. Let us know what the Dr says, stay strong, hopefully everything is fine xx

  • Can't get my head around this it's so up and down. Wife was sleepless about doing a test this morning, she was asked by docs to do one today and phone them with results regarding doing a scan. She has been up all night worrying so she did one at 4am. Strong, definite, instant positive! So going from bleeding on and off and various feint lines and cramps. To now no bleeding and a BFP, I'm obviously delighted but still airing on the side of caution!

  • That's great news! are they still going to scan her? Best of luck x

  • if nhs refuse a scan could u book one at babybond for example?

  • Yeah might be worth the outlay for a bit of piece of mind x

  • i don't want to add a dampner to this thread, but your doctor should be aware that the result of a pregnancy test is meaningless. If, god forbid, something has gone wrong, a pregnancy test would still come out positive until she actually miscarries. Hopefully everything is fine but you need to push for a scan as its the only way to know whats going on. ive been told you'd get a negative 2-3 weeks after you mc as that's how long it takes the hormones to leave your system.


  • Yeah, having a scan next Monday, 22nd I think. Last time my wife miscarried we still got positives so I do know tht part but the line is getting darker and showing up straight away. That has to be a good thing surely?

  • Like I said I had a barely there line the day of my scan and all was well so anythings possible. Keeping everything crossed for you x

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