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Scared....D-Day tomorrow

So it's D-Day tomorrow. I had a scan last Monday because of spotting earlier in pregnancy and was told 'we'll scan you in another week so you don't wonder in years to come, but it certainly does look like a missed miscarriage'. So I've had another very long and emotional week of waiting knowing (sorry for this) that I have a dead baby inside me. I should be 9 weeks pg but at last week's scan the baby only measured 5.8mm and had no heartbeat.

I'm scared about tomorrow. I've cried all my tears and feel kinda numb now. If the baby wasn't still inside me, I'd be just about starting to move on. But the hardest bit is yet to come and I'm terrified of how the baby will leave my body. None of the methods are pleasant; I haven't bled for over a week and my body still thinks it's pregnant so I don't think a natural mc is going to happen.

Sorry for the long post, don't really have anyone else to talk to and DH is working today image xx



  • Awwww babe wat time ru in tomoz? X

  • Scan is at 9am xx

  • At least it's first thing chick. Ill b checking for ur post xxx

  • Good luck, I think you know or at least have a good idea what could or might happen. 

    If you are going to mc, chances are you'll be offered the tabs or d&c, we waited for nature which wasn't pleasant but neither are the other two options. Went back and had the tablets but little else happened- luckily my mrs had handled the worst of it by herself.

    I know you'll be dispondent and gutted but please try to look at it as getting ready for the next one cos I'm sure you'll get there in the end xx

  • Thank you, yes my brother said the same about getting ready for the next one as it happened to him and his girlfriend. Hopefully you're both right and we all get healthy beans.

    Sounds awful but I just want this pregnancy to be over now so I can move on - stuck in limbo at the moment just waiting for the unknown xx

  • you are in my prayers

  • It's definitely over image having a medically managed mc. The pills went in an hour ago and I am so very scared of what's coming xx


  • I'm so sorry babe my heart goes out to you. My friend had a mc and had the pills she said it was like a very painful period. Try and rest as much as u can chick xxx

  • So sorry to read this. I think it's all our worst fear, just sorry you have to go through it image 

  • Thank u. xx

  • Sorry to hear your bad news, it's very sad. Wife had the pills but not much happened but she'd already passed the worst of it. i know its a horrible time but try to look at it as this one not being ready or quite right for this world at this time. Stay strong xx

  • Thanks hun xx

  • I really am sorry to see this. You were in my thoughts today and im so sorry this was the outcome. Xx

  • How ru feeling today hun? Xxx

  • morning LH. I'm not sure how I feel, I guess numb is the word. I've been chatting to a friend and it sounds like yesterday I had my first taster of hard labour when I had that uncontrollable hour in the bath - I've never lost conrol like that in pain, it didn't let up! God knows what the neighbours think.

    So, as insensitive as this may sound against myself now, as long as I don't get pain like that again I should be able to handle it. Just wish I knew whether it was over yet. Sorry for TMI but I did pass something yesterday but I'm not sure if that was bean, again I sound insensitive but I didn't want to look as I'm so squeamish and there was so much blood. Apparently you should pass a lot of clots but that's the only one I've had so far so I'm not sure what will happen next.

    Hope you're well xxx

  • Bless ya babe, u don't sound insensitive ur just dealing with it in ur own way. No one teaches us how to deal with stuff like this so you just have to do as best u can. Try n rest up and just take it a day at a time, were all here for u xxx

  • Thanks hun, you've been amazing. I'm sorry to have been so sad during what is such a happy time for you. I do hope all is well and you're enjoying your pregnancy.

    Just feel awful as a lot of people bury theirs but I just couldn't face seeing it. I know I might regret it in years to come but I think it'd scar me if I saw it, it's easier for me to deal with it having not seen it.

    I hope people don't think I'm harsh for this image


  • Don't be sorry chick, and I don't think it's harsh at all like I said your dealing with it in your own way. Everyone's different it doesn't mean it's wrong. How could there possibly be a right or wrong way of dealing with something so terrible, you just go along with it as best you can and remember there's light at the end if the tunnel. I have no doubt you'll be back soon with some good news n I can't wait, but fir now just take your time and let yourself get over this. Things always happen for a reason it's hard to justify them sometimes n we find ourselves asking why us this allowed to happen but I guess it's just part of the big plan xxx

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