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help advice needed please

Hi all I had a miscarriage while on holiday may 28th I should have been 11 weeks roughly but doctor said I lost baby 4/5 weeks before so had to have a d/c

Lost a bit of blood after inclyding clots when I came home got checked at hospital everything was fine and all was removed 

Its just im still losing a coupke of weeks ago I did go very heavy and red which I thought was my period now its like a pink clear discharge its not always on a panty liner that I wear but when I wipe 

When I have sex last week I did lose a bit more pink discharge 

But its not all the time im also getting the cramps like periods too 

Over the last couple of day's we have decided to try again any advice on what yo do next just keep trying and if still not bigger blood loss do a test on my other children I caught straight away. Been using condoms since 

Sorry for a long post have 2 children already 


  • Hiya sorry for your loss, have you been to see a doctor just to check That e wry things ok? Fri. What I've read from other ladies the bleeding should only last a couple of weeks x

  • No havent been back the consultant up hospital said will take as long as it needs to think I did have a period coupke of weeks ago as it did go heavy and last for about a week 

    Just seeing if anyone else been like this 

    Thanks for you reply 

  • Hiya Donna,  Im sorry to hear of your loss.  How are you feeling?  Have you been  to see gp?  I had a mc in may also i bled for about 2 weeks and was then left with this plae pink discharge, dr told me it was just the left over blood thinning out... x

  • Hi, really sorry to hear about your mc, it's such an awful thing to go through but everyone here provided me and so many others with great support and advice.

    My wife was losing a lot of blood after her mc and doc prescribed her with iron tablets to build her back up again as she was very weak and quite poorly. Go see a GP and they'll give you whatever you need to get you well again. Good luck x

  • Thankyou for your replies my iron is ok had a blood test 2 weeks ago for the last week or so havent been losing red blood just pinkish abd getting the odd period like cramp im going to phone them this morning to see if I can still keep trying even tho we have already tried once un protected

    Thanks again 

  • I rang local ward and told tl give my gp a ring so they can arrange swabs to check for infection so at the moment to stop trying waiting for a call back for my appointment

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