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Can I ask about ectopic?

Hi, I hope someone might be able to help. I have to go for a scan later to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I had three +ve hpts followed by a -ve on Sunday and one again today at the gp. So I think it might be unlikely unless it is possible for an ectopic to end and absorb itself on its own. I found something on the nhs website about this which seemed to say its possible but needs monitoring. I am hoping it is not ectopic but I have felt dizzy and got the left side pain. Quite confused and emotional from all the hormones changing and a bit scared. Can anyone reassure me?


  • when i was pg with my youngest i went for a early scan and they couldnt find her so had bloods taken as they thought it was ectopic then more bloods 2 days later to check homones had doubled they hadnt!! they had changed but not enough so was told it was highly likely it was ectopic went back for a scan to see which tube she was in and there she was heart beating exactly where she should be!!

    guess what im saying is dont over worry docs and hormones can be wrong.

    best off luck xx

  • My first pregnancy was ectopic.  I had very sharp pains on my right hand side and about 6 hours later I started bleeding.  Went to the hospital and they couldn't see anything so they just thought that my body rejected everything, so they sent me on my way.  I went to see the doctor the following day and she told me the same.  She gave me some tablets to clear my womb and said that I should stop bleeding in a weeks time.  It did, but the two weeks later I had heavy bleeding.  Went to another Dr who referred me immediately to a G.  He did a scan and operated on me that same day.  I was so close to loosing my tube.  He said that it was so bad that I started bleeding at the top of my tube (or something not sure.).  Scary stuff. It is best to do the scan and get answers, than wondering.  Good luck to you! 

  • Hi,

    Thanks.  In the end they didnt scan me as the hcg urine tests had turned negative so they figure all is sorting itself out.

    They did give me their direct line and said if still in pain and bleeding in 4 days to ring in and go back.

    Seems to be slwoing down now but after reading your story I will be careful! Thanks for sharing x

  • Thanks again for your help ladies.

    All went away fine and bleeding stopped after 11 days.

    I have since got a bfp this month although started to spot a int amount at 12 dpo. I'm now 15dpo and only a bit on wiping so keeping an eye.

    The nasty cramps of last month have not started so trying to be positive.
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