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Hello Ladies! This is an awesome group! This is my fourth pregnancy. I've had one missed miscarriage, two miscarriages. This time around, doc told me to take aspirin 81 mg and prometrium (progesterone supplement) without any check up. So, due to my history, I am super nervous as usual! I tested positive before my periods began. Then the day of my period I had brown spotting and the day after very light red spotting (only when I wiped). Since the pregnancy is so early the doc could only send me for HCG blood level tests, I am still waiting for results. However, as soon as I started taking the prometrium pills (vaginally) I did not have any spotting.

So, I am not sure what to expect this time around. Has any of you ladies experienced the same?



  • Hi Sparrow2 how are you getting on? really hope this pregnancy is going from strength to strength for you.

    I just mc'd again this week - both where at 5.5weeks.  my doc has told me it's ok to try again (though I don't want to go through this again!) and to take 75mg aspirin. though I wonder if progestrone might be low. 

    Fran x 

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