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Medically managed miscarried, light bleeding and no pain??!


Just after a bit of advice from everyone else's experiences. I would be around 8 weeks pregnant now, although scans last week showed an empty pregnancy sac around 6 weeks in measurement and so did a re-scan. Hormone levels have plateaued so I was told I'd unfortunately miscarried. Yesterday I went in to hospital and took the 4 tablets and went home. Thing is, I've been expecting the worst period ever, but all I've had is what I'd consider moderate bleeding and no real pain just a few twinges.

My normal periods are really heavy and have clots and I'd say what I've had so far isn't as bad as them. Admittedly I'm not even 24hrs in yet - took the tablets at 11am yesterday.

Is this normal? Will it get heavier? Or am I going to be one of the unfortunate 25% the nurse quoted that will need further medical treatment?


  • Am sorry to hear this was the outcome. My miscarriage happened naturally but gradually the bleeding got heavier over the space of a week, the pain was very similar to how i normally suffer with periods, but they are like yours, quite heavy. In time im sure your body will catch up. Especially as you have started bleeding now. Am sorry again for your loss.xx

  • I just wanted to update in case anyone comes across this looking for information in the future. Please excuse me if some of it is too much info.

    It's now a week since I took the medication to make me fully miscarry. After taking it last Monday, although I had red bleeding it didn't get heavier until Friday. Still with very little pain, just the odd twinge. On Sunday night I got some pain, enough to make me take my first painkillers and curl up with a wheat bag. I also "flooded" massively that evening, having to change a super-maxi pad about every 1.5 hours. I was heavy in the night but didn't "leak".

    Monday morning I had some pain and took some tablets again, but within an hour or so I felt much better. So much so I was hanging pictures and a mirror in our new house!

    And now (Tueday) I seem to be on a definite slowdown and with no pain again.

    So really I've had 4 days of heavy bleeding, about 14 hours of pain which subsided with painkillers and a wheat bag (and didn't wake me btw). It really wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

    Just want to get on with my life now!

    I hope this might be helpful to anyone going through the same x

  • Hi peeweesmum, I'm so sorry to hear what u have been through. image, I am currently in the process of goin through a missed miscarriage at 10 wks. They think my baby died at around 3-4weeks or so or maybe never even started growing image but I'm only just realising it now. I have been bleeding lightly for 6 days now but no idea how long it will go on for. I have to go back for another scan on the 28th but I'm sure that will confirm that the baby hasn't grown and no heart beat. Even tho I am praying for a miracle. I can't believe this is happening as Me and my bf wanted this sooooo much as it's out first. I've been reading how common it is but doesn't make it any easier. I came across this post whilst searching the internet for any miscarriage help forums or tips on how to get thru this v difficult time image(( I guess everyone gets over it in their own time. I'm thinking of goin back to work tomorrow but still very tearful. I'm thinking I will go down the tablets route if next thurs doesn't give me good news so it's good to know how it affected u and nice to meet people who have gone thru the same thing and can help each other x
  • Hi Tracy,

    How are things going for you? I've stopped bleeding completely now. I bled for 10 days in total, although the last couple were just spotting. I passed some significant "pregnancy products" towards the end which was pretty yukkie and shocked me quite a bit. 

    I have a telelphone appointment with the gynae ward on December the 5th to follow up my treatment. They gave me a pregnancy test to do before the call to ensure I'm back to "normal". Don't know what I was thinking but I took it yesterday instead. I think I did it because we want to try again so I didn't want to get a positive test on the 5th and think it was from my miscarriage. Unfortunately the test showed faintly positive which made me freak out a bit. After months of wishing for a positive I now am wishing for a negative - how ironic. I find it very strange that my body still thinks I'm pregnant. I'm going to do another test either on the 5th or at least some time next week in the hope that my hormones are completely down.

    Don't know if this is a comfort to you, but I've bought a little crystal to go on my christmas tree to remember the bean that never was. I'm still finding it fairly easy to cope because I'm thinking it never really was anything. But my crystal signifies the plans that have been shelved by this pregnancy ending.

    Let me know how you're getting on xx

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