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Am I haven a miscarriage

Hi I am new to this but really need some advice as I am in limbo I am dating at 5/6 weeks on Tuesday I started to lose pink spotting then turned brown to red I went to AE they told me I was threatening a miscarriage today I had an internal scan and they told me there is an empty sac and a yoke in the right place but no baby yet I am still bleeding I have just been told I need to wait and see if anything happens or comes away I have got another scan in a week and just can't stop thinking about it now I would just like to no has anyone els had this with a good outcome as I have read so much and just don't no what to think any thoughts would helpful at the min as I am going out of my mind at the mo thanks xx


  • Hi,

    Didn't want to read and run. There are loads and loads of happy outcomes from stories like this on various boards on here. You could be nearer the 5 week mark, in which case it's really early to see a heartbeat.

    In my case I had a completely empty sac at what I thought was 7/8 weeks (sac size was 6 weeks). So the fact you have a yolk is a big positive.

    Try not to stress, easier said than done I know.

    If it is a negative outcome, I promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am only 3 weeks post-miscarriage and we've just begun trying to conceive again. Admittedly this isn't for everyone, but it's part of how we've dealt with it.

    But as I said, try not to stress and stay positive. I'm sure that yolk will have grown a heartbeat by your next scan x

  • As Peeweesmum says it could simply be you weren't far enough along at the 1st scan (at lot of the time before 8wks all you see is a small dot).  Did they check your hormone levels too (this can also be a clear indicator whether things are progressing or not)?

    Fingers crossed you get some positive news at your next scan.  If you do receive the sad news remember you are not alone & will find a wealth of support upon here.

  • Thank you so much for replying I am just waiting for this Friday to come now they just told me to keep testing myself with home test but the line is getting fainter all week I can only just see it now so not looking that good one good thing the bleeding has now stopped its just the waiting that is getting me now x
  • Well today is the day I find out if my yoke has turned in to anything I am very doubtful but have still got that little bit of hope ????x
  • Good luck, never give up hope image x

  • Thank you but this time was not are time but to no I can concive is a good thing to come out of it as I was told I may not be abil to we are just going to keep trying and fingers crossed it will happen for us thank you so much for replying xxx
  • So sorry Hun x

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