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Just want to say Hi and get some support

Hi everyone. I had a MMC in November which I had medically treated - took the pills on 11/11/13. I was 7+3 but with an empty sac measuring 6+2. Everything went fine and I passed the pregnancy etc etc. I feel absolutely fine about it. It wasn't a baby, it was an empty sac.

But today I feel sad. I've come in to work (work part time) to be told that 3 of my collegues are expecting, all due in June like I would have been. The company I work for is tiny so this is pretty remarkable that there are so many. It's kind of upset me to think that I should have been with them. Of all the months they could be due in, it has to be the same as I would have been.

My best friend had a baby yesterday, as did my sister in law 2 weeks ago.

I don't resent anyone their good news for one second. But it reminds me of my loss. Only really talked to my husband as even my most sympathetic work friend doesn't really understand.

I don't know what the answer is. I suppose there isn't one really. Just wanted to vent some emotion - thanks for reading!

On the plus side, we've started ttc again. Not had a period yet since the mc. Hoping I get an extra special christmas present image


  • Sorry that you have been through this but am keeping everything crossed for you for a bfp xmas pressie! just hold on to the fact that it will happen, hopefully sooner rather than later! Good luck! X

  • Sorry for your loss. I know it doesnt help, but the feelings that you have are completely normal. I've had 2 mcs this year, & in that time my sisters given birth (we would of been 2 weeks apart), sis in law no 1, & sil 2 is due to give birth in Jan. It totally sucks at times, but want I wanted to say is that you will get thru it. Don't get me wrong but there are good days & bad.

    Me & some other ladies have a nice vent on the TTC after mc thread, your welcome to join us if you wana chat! Best wishes for the future x x

  • Oh hon I'm sorry for your loss. Sometimes it seems the universe conspires against us or it feels that way. Sorry you have to hear your work colleagues news when you feel low. Xx
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