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6 Misscarridges, any hope on 7th pregnancy?...

Hiya ladies.

I have had 6 missed misscarridges in the last 4 years and I’m 28 years old and have no children to date. 

After the 3rd I was referred to a specialist who has done tests on me, my husband and the unsurveying foetus’s removed from my womb since and has not found any problems apart from a slightly elevated reading of something in my blood that suggested I was border line antiphospholipid syndrome which is known to cause misscarridge but I was borderline however he prescribed asprin and clexane which has unfortunately not worked so far. He also prescribed the hormone progesterone to see if this helps. 

On 26th December 2013 I discovered I was pregnant for a 7th time and this time as well as the drugs listed above I have been put on a course of prednisole which is a steriod treatment as the gynacologist thinks my immune system may be attacking the placenta and these drugs may prevent it. 

I had a scan last week to see how it was going and was surprised when the lady told me instantly there is a heart beat and everything looks fine and normal and that I was 7w 6d. I have another appointment next week to check again when I am hoping to be 2 weeks further and I have to say the suspense is killing me. I also have not told any friends or family about this time as hoping to surprise them with some exiting news some day soon.

 Anyone have anything to say on this? Has anyone or does anyone know of anyone who has had 6 miscarriages and gone onto have a healthy baby? Anyone know anything about these steroids as I have heard that it is a controversial drug to prescribe for recurrent miscarriage and gynecologist has already told me if this doesn’t work there is nothing else to try. ;’-(


  • Hi Sarah ,

     I had 2 missed miscarriages last year after 4 healthy pregnancies and babies , devastated was not the word , we then tried the aspirin as also had a test for antiphospholipid syndrome , came back clear but continued with the aspirin , and also took vitamins to try to increase progesterone naturally , as you can see I am now nearly 20 weeks image have not heard of taking steroids for pregnancy before - I was on prednisolone for a flare up of colitis some years ago , it may be a long shot but if it's working so far the doc must have something in trying it , try n take each day as it comes , even though I'm nearly 20 weeks I still worry something will go wrong , there are no guarantees for anything , just try not to worry , easier said I know , I say to myself " today I am pregnant and for that I'm grateful " hope some of that helps x x

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Your words do help thank you. I have not heard of taking vitimins to increase progesterone natuarally i may suggest that to him as i hate using the pessaries for such a long period and twice a day, they are not nice. thanks for your help and good luck with your baby and 20 week scan, i bet you cant wait for that. I imagine having that all the time, one day i hope. thanks xx

  • Hi Sarah,

    I am pregnant for the 7th time.  I had one prem baby who passed away and then 5 miscarriages.. Next week I will be 12 weeks. when I found out I was pregnant this time I was offered Aspirin which I refused, no cause has ever been found for my miscarriages and I was not offered steroids this time round.  I wish you all the luck in the world with your pregnancy x.  I have already experiences problems with this pregnancy bleeding, bleed inside sac so I have kept all activity to a minimum in the hope that this baby survives.  Don't lose hope.. I had given up ever having a baby and then I discovered I was pregnant x

  • Hi thanks so much for your words of support. i am very sorry for your losses! its is heart breaking isnt it. I got to 10w with this one which is the furthest i have got but unfortunetly when i went for the 11w scan the baby had died. They have taken it away surgically and are going to do tests again.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with yours, i hope you are doing well and will have a little baby soon xx

  • Hi Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss xxx It is an awful and heartbreaking thing to go through and my heart goes out to you x.  I wish you luck for next time. With me I had every test available done, i.e internal scans, blood tests e.t.c These are were not offered to me but I pushed for them prior to getting pregnant this time.

    The other things I did with this pregnancy is complete bed rest in first 8 - 10 weeks, I also gained some weight prior to getting pregnant, I am not sure if these things helped.  I am now 16 weeks and under close monitoring so touch wood all goes o.k.

    I hope and pray that you too will one day have a successful pregnancy xxx 


  • Thanks for the message, i just replied on my other post. I am sorry again for your losses. You have gone through as much pain as me. It is awful, words cant describe.

    I am so happy for you that this one is looking hopeful,

    I am interested in this bed rest thing though as my colleauge keeps saying to me jokingly why doesnt the doctor tie you to a bed next time you get pregnant.

    So how long did you bed rest? as you say 8-10 weeks? Is that for the whole time? What did you do? id you get up for walks or anything? did you have to call in sick at work or are you not working, sorry for all the questions but i am wondering if that would do me good?

    Good luck again!

  • So sorry for ur loss Sarah and good luck Sammy x

  • Hi Sarah,

    I truly believe the bed rest helped me this time.  Some doctors say it makes no difference but I am positive it has helped me get past 12 weeks this time because I never took bed rest the other times.

     I had a bleed around week 5 and I was horrified!.. after being checked out the baby was ok but the DR at the hospital told me to take it easy as I could miscarry. After this I did minimum activity, so mainly just sitting or lying down at home. My family sent me cooked meals helped with housework.

    I only really got up to get dressed, go loo have baths  Even after the bleeding stopped I continued with bedrest because I was so scared. 

    My GP knows me and signed me off because I was so anxious and upset and also because morning sickness had kicked in and I just could not cope with work.

    Even though I am now 16 weeks I am still very careful.. it has worked for me and hopefully it may work for you next time x

  • That is really good news. I will ask the docs about it and gyna next month as i do feel like this sometimes and my job is so so stressful so could do with that i think.

    I hope your work were supportive and are continuing to beimage I am not so sure mine would be ;-(

    I wish you luck once again! I bet you cannot wait for your 20 week scan! xx I'd love to know how it goes so keep me posted. x

  • Hi Sarah,

    Yeah I would definitley ask about it when you have your next appointment, I think it will help you.

    My work place have been o.k so far.. I did try to work in between but I just could not concentrate and ended up in a right state.  The way I see it because of my age this may be my only chance of ever having a successful pregnancy so work is the last thing on my mind at the moment.

    I'm counting the days down to my 20 week scan! I am really excited and also anxious at the same time.. Just hope everything is o.k.  I'll let you know how I get on x

    Take care.

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