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Possible blighted ovum??

Ok so after what felt like a life time of ttc baby #4 i finally did it & got the bfp image only to get period like cramps and discharge that was switching from a brownish to pinkish colour (sorry for tmi ladies lol) well to cut a long story short dr referred me to hospital for an ultrasound scan (was measuring at 4-5weeks gestation) they couldnt see baby on the scan but did see sac and said it was getting bigger as it should be image also asked me to come bk the following week where i was measuring at 6weeks gestation... They see baby on this one and sac was also continuing to get bigger as it should so was told to come bk again at 7weeks (which was last Tuesday image) but went in for the scan and they said the sac is now measuring smaller than it was the past 2 scans image they cant see the baby now and want to bring me bk on the 18th of feb when i should be measuring 10weeks... Im just wondering is it possible to be a blighted ovum even tho we see the baby on one scan (my 6week scan)?? Any honest opinions would be very helpful ladies image thnk u in advanced image xx


  • HI Sarah,

    Im sorry to read this, im sorry but i cant offer much help just can only tell you what happened to me.

    June last year i had an early scans due to bleeding i had 3 scans and the first 2 showed growth but the 3rd showed the sac was smaller than on the second scan and sadly i went on to lose my baby.

    December last year i had to go through this all again but ended up having a d&c to remove baby on xmas eve, with this pregnancy i got to see the heart beat as well which made it harder to deal with.

    I reaaly wish i had good news to offer but sadly i dont, my bleeding was odd would be brown, then light pink then stop and a day later would start up again.

    I really wish you all the luck in the world huni and hope things work out for you xxx


  • Hi ya sarah im sorry to hear you've been through this aswell image it must be even harder for u because u heard the heart beat and ur 2nd one image hearing that makes it more real (if that makes sense) i dont feel pregnant anymore image in a mad way i just feel empty and my pregnancy symptoms seem to have gone (except for the odd feeling of nausea every now and again :-\) funnily enough when i went in for the last scan an over whelming feeling of somethings wrong came over me & i just new things wasnt gana go the way i want them 2 image im deffo not looking forward to the next scan and i guess its just a waiting game now to see if i pass whats left in there naturally (sorry tmi lol) or have to go for the d&c... This has really put me off trying again for #4 i think after this im deffo gana stick to the 3 healthy little ones im blessed to have already image xx
  • Hi sarah

    You never know huni all might be ok still, have you had any more bleeding?

    I was in the same sort of mind as you, iv got my little boy but the more i think about it the more i want to try for number 2 again.

    We have done the deed this month and now in the waiting game to see if period shows or not, it was a very hard time but i had a lot of support from my partner and we are hoping we can crack it next time.

    If not im very lucky to have my little boy as it is xx

  • Hi Sarah,

    i'm in a similar situation although waiting for my second scan no baby seen at first, if they saw a baby then this couldn't be a blighted ovum is my understanding.  However, could be a delayed miscarriage have they tested hcg levels too?  

  • Hello ladies sorry i couldnt reply earlier me phone went nuts & me Internet at home went down :\ lol... Aww sarah im sending loads & loads of baby dust ur way i really hope u & partner crack it this time the miscarriage business is really tough init image well its been over 2 weeks since me last scan & still no bleeding :\ im so confused image n Nessie they done hcg levels at the very 1st scan (4-5weeks gestation) they said they was very low and indicating a failing pregnancy and also said i should expect to bleed that following weekend but nothing happened :\ i sound really horrible but im starting to wish i prevented the whole pregnancy from the beginning its been so stressful image
  • Hi sarah,

    glad there has been no bleeding thats a good sign, when is your next scan?

    i know its hard and stressful xx

  • Hello sarah lol hows u? Hope ur good image my next scan is on Tuesday coming (18th) lol u would think we would have sailed through another pregnancy considering weve both done it already but these things are deffo sent to try us lol image
  • lol i know what you mean huni!

    i was very nieve/ selfish you could say with my m/c

    in july i was like why is this happening to me! iv had my little boy with out any pros so it should just be plain sailing, then when i went through it again 6 months later i was blaming my self saying it was all my fault, my body was rejecting it, i just wanted to curl up and hide.

    Im keeping every thing crossed for your scan, im sure every thing will be fine huni!

    Oh wow your scan date is the same day il be finding out if i get a BFP or BFN....

  • Awww me fingers are deffo crossed for u i really hope u get ur BFP image the days really feel like their dragging n aww thnk u image ul deffo have to let us know if u get it image xx
  • sure thing huni xx wont test till 13dpo as i never get a bfp till around then xx

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