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Game over....Again!!!!!

Hi Ladies, I went to the EPU yesterday and the scan revealed the sac hasn't even grown since last week so she said it's definitely non viable but she had to treat it as a first scan (even though I've had 2 scans privately) and can't make a decision until after another scan on Mon 3rd Mar. I have some spotting and backache so I'm wondering if things will happen naturally!

Anyway I'm feeling quite positive and not giving up so lets hope it's 3rd time lucky!!

Thankyou all for being so supportive and kind xxx


  • Sorry Hun xxx thinking of U. The waiting is the worst part. Hope 3 march comes round quickly so U can move on xxx

  • Sorry carioke , seems a long time to make you wait , hope it happens natally before then , as you say -- 3rd time lucky x x

  • So sorry Hun but glad ur feeling positive. Sending hugs xx

  • Thanks ladies, I think things might happen naturally but it seems to be slow at getting going:  TMI alert, I noticed a tiny amount of brown discharge in my pants last thurs, since then I've needed a pad but there's no bleeding just dark brown!! Is this normal, Also I've no pain but constant backache!!


  • Hi huni im so sorry to read this

    i can only let you know how mine went, 1st m/c was heavy bleeding for 15 days non stop was bright red and loads of clots this was my natural m/c, my 2nd which was medically treated was a bit different i bled for 2 weeks but it would only be in the afternoons and was baby pink then dark brown the day i went in for my d&c was the only day i didnt bleed untl they started treatment! i remember saying to my other half bloody typical!!! 

    Stay strong babes, i know its easier said than done, always here if u need to chat, 

    I to hope its 3rd time lucky for me and now sending the positive vibes to you as well babes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Carioke, I have had the same image Brown spotting started also last Thursday for Mr hand  been constant but ha  been there on and off and yesterday started again I have a pad on now an  am keeping an eye on it an  I know this will probably sound ridiculous but in my heart I just KNOW it is over if that makes any sense. I am remaining positive  like you hunni and if m  bean was meant to be he or she  be but I won't be trying again after this one no matter what happens so I Was hoping it would be a sticky bean. I have only had mild cramps nothing to write home about but I don't feel right and haven't for a couple of weeks. Going to ring the epu Monday mornin and see if they can do bloods or a scan or whatever xxxx

  • I'm so so sorry to hear this keepthefaith!! I really hope everything is ok! I'll keep my fc for you hun xxx

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