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Really in need of advise !

I miscarried my first child in September of 2013 and now I am about 7 weeks pregnant again and am having brown spotting for the past four days usually when I wipe but I still wear a pad which I've read is normal but I got emotional today and cried for a second and felt myself bleed a little bit. When I looked there was a dime size drop of bright red blood but after that it went back to the brown I usually have. I'm not having any pain or cramping and not feeling sick or anything I'm just not sure if this is normal or ok and wondering if anything similar has happened to anyone else who went on to have healthy babies.


  • Hi hun. Sorry I cant say if you will mc again. The best thing to do would be to contact your gp/midwife, & see uf they can book you in for an early scan or atleast blood tests to see how your hormones are progressing. Good luck x x

  • Thanks for the reply ! I've posted about this three times with no help or advise I really appreciate it !
  • Sorry to hear that hun. I had to mc's last year, so I appreciate what an awful & worrying time it is for you. The spotting might be nothing, but if it was me I would defo get it checked out. x x

  • Hi huni didnt want to read and run

    i would say contact your midwife/doctors i can tell you what happened to me but it might not mean its going to happen to you.

    I1sr m/c july 2013 was bleeding heavy for 15 days so i knew it was over, i fell again in october 2013 and at 6 weeks i started bleeding again, dark brown when wiping hardly any thing on pad i had early scans and i saw baby with heart beat but the bleeding carried on, i would only bleed in the afternoons which was driving me crazy i went back for another scan and sadly baby had died, i had to have medical treatment to remove baby, last week i got another BFP! im coming upto 5 weeks now and starting to feel a little worried as i seem to get to 6 weeks before it all goes wrong.

    I hope you are fine and the bleeding is nothing to worry about, loads of ladies do bleed and go on to be fine, but i would ask for some blood wok to be done if i was you xxx

  • I had bleeding in between my 8&9th week I was so scared after my two mc in 2013. My obgyn said if it's light and I have no pain most likely it's ok. The bleeing did stop and so far so good. Good luck if your worried though try and get checked out.
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